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Adaptable file format for 3D animation software

FBX® data exchange technology is a 3D asset exchange format compatible with many 3D tools. FBX facilitates higher-fidelity data exchange between several Autodesk content creation packages and supports certain third-party and propriety applications. With FBX in your pipeline, it's easier to transfer files, retain more data, and work more efficiently.


Compatible with Maya and other Autodesk products

Single-step interoperability

Work more seamlessly between Autodesk 3D animation software tools.

Integrate certain off-the-shelf and proprietary toolsets

More efficient workflow

Integrate toolsets and transfer custom data between certain applications.

Exchange digital assets with other studios and creative teams

Easier data exchange

Simplify exchange of digital assets with other studios and creative teams.

Single-step interoperability

Maximize creative potential and optimize productivity with simple interoperability workflows between certain Autodesk 3D animation software tools:

More efficient workflow

Integrate certain off-the-shelf and proprietary toolsets. Transfer custom data between select applications commonly used in film production, game development, and advertising industries.

Easier data exchange

Use FBX to more seamlessly exchange digital assets with other studios and creative teams whose pipelines are built around disparate tools.

Customize your pipeline

Add FBX to your pipeline and gain the flexibility to open, manipulate, and export custom data to help meet the needs of your particular production.

2D and 3D tools and support

Use multiple 3D tools, and access support for 3D and 2D data.

Find Plug-in, Converter, and QuickTime viewer archives for versions 2013.3 and older. FBX plug-ins are built into the installer for 2014 and 2015 releases of media and entertainment software.