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FBX SDK Developer Center

The Autodesk® FBX® format is a free platform-independent 3D authoring and interchange format that provides access to 3D content from most 3D vendors.

Available for Windows, OSX, iOS and Linux operating systems, the free FBX Software Development Kit allows software and hardware vendors to easily add support for the FBX format. The SDK is an easy-to-use C++ software development toolkit that provides conversion utilities allowing application and content vendors to transfer their existing commercial and demonstration content into the FBX format with a minimum of effort.

  • Find Python, and C++ sample code at the ADN-DevTech Github organization.

  • Get news, expert tips and insider resources directly from Autodesk software engineers.

    • Around-the-Corner - Maya Platform – Cyrille Fauvel, Zhong Wu, and Cheng Xi Li
    • The AREA bloggers often have interesting insight into Maya platform and programming topics
  • Take part in active API discussion forums moderated by Autodesk software engineer.

    Note: Please include the programming language in the subject line. For example, C++ or Python. This will help us to handle your posts.


  • Support FBX in various ways by publishing your application and special functionality to the Autodesk App store.

  • Get easy access to Forge APIs and documentation, tutorials, GitHub samples, support and more for Autodesk cloud-based software and components in your own web and mobile applications.

  • Improve your experience

Learning and Documentation

  • FBX SDK Training Webcast

    A complete API training on developing with FBX based on C++ and Python:

  • Documentation and SDK Samples

    Find the FBX SDK documentation here:


The FBX SDK is available for free*.