Workflows for dailies & content production

Moxion: Creative Review & Collaboration Software

Create freely and efficiently with the tools and secure collaboration platform used by leading professionals in the film and TV industries. Moxion delivers end-to-end workflow productivity, from preproduction through final review.

What is Moxion?

Moxion's powerful cloud-based workflows and review tools have marked it as a favorite among digital filmmakers today. Moxion facilitates asset management, creative review, cloud collaboration, and much more for streamlined film and TV production. Not only does Moxion make the creative process and output more efficient, it also includes a range of security features including watermarking, MPAA compliance, and full digital rights management. Moxion takes its place among Autodesk's Media & Entertainment portfolio, giving media professionals a suite of collaborative, cutting-edge tools.

Moxion creative collaboration software benefits

Accelerate creative review, streamline collaboration, and control dailies workflows with Moxion.

Real-time cloud based workflows

Deliver and review media in seconds through secure cloud-based workflows. No matter where crews and stakeholders are, Moxion allows for easy collaboration across sets and locations via instant footage review on any device.

Unmatched color review capabilities

Powered by industry-leading Dolby Vision® and HRD10, Moxion delivers a wider range of color detail, brighter highlights, and exceptional brightness, color, and contrast performance.

Fully integrated & compatible

A single tool compatible with other industry leaders—ShotGridFlame, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Black Magic Resolve, and more—means footage and metadata are easily shared and integrated.

Best-in-class security

The biggest studios in the entertainment industry trust Moxion's security features which include DRM, screeners, and access control for enhanced protection for viewing, sharing, and editing.

How to use Moxion for production

Moxion streamlines your workflows to deliver one comprehensive software tool for the entire film production lifecycle.

Process dailies with Moxion Immediates

Process dailies with Moxion immediates

Keep it rolling with real-time review capabilities to stay on time and on budget while delivering maximum creative output. Stream footage and metadata to the cloud seconds after the cameras stop rolling.

Robust content review tools

NEW Robust content review tools

Edit, cut, and review with your team in real-time, no matter where they are located. With Moxion Rooms, you can seamlessly share live streams and review uploaded assets in a single cloud-based environment.

Experience powerful review tools, video and voice chat, and unmatched color review in Dolby Vision® and HRD10.

Deliver screeners for collaborative review

Deliver screeners for collaborative review

Share a selection of assets - video, audio, stills, and PDFs—easily and securely with built-in screeners. Send a direct link with expiry date to selected audiences facilitating creative collaboration.

Moxion real-time workflows

Real-time workflows save valuable post-production time, aid in coordinate multiple productions and seamlessly manage various assets.

Save valuable time with camera to cloud technology

Save valuable time with camera to cloud technology

Shorten timeframes by engaging with post production teams in real time. View footage instantly on any device when dailies are delivered -- seconds after the cameras stop recording on set.

Collaborate anytime

Collaborate anytime, anywhere with live sharing

Stream live feeds from set, even with multiple cameras, anywhere in the world. Securely share feeds from editing, VFX, audio anywhere inside the postproduction pipeline.

Manage and review assets in real-time

Manage and review assets in real-time

Review, comment, discuss, annotate any asset, from a single scene to an entire project, in real time. Shorten production timeframes and promote collaboration with the entire production team.

Moxion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about how Moxion can help improve your production workflows and collaboration with these frequently asked questions.

What is virtual production?

Virtual production combines live action and LED screens to create special effects in-camera rather than piecing them together digitally in postproduction. Blending game technology with traditional filmmaking methods, virtual production techniques allow directors to see live actors within the context of digital assets and environments. By mixing live footage and computer graphics, filmmaking is more agile and creative decisions are made in the moment, live and simultaneous with filming – hugely speeding up and streamlining the production process.

What is a video village?

Production crews and stakeholders will often review footage, gathered together behind the camera and near where the director's monitors are located. Because many people assemble in this area, it's referred to as a video village. Moxion makes virtual video villages possible for secure, live, remote collaboration.

What are digital dailies?

Digital dailies are the raw footage shot during filming. After each day of filming, they are uploaded to a server for several people to review. With Moxion, dailies are available for review just seconds after the cameras stop recording.

What is DIT?

The digital imaging technician, or DIT, is responsible for all of the image quality and artistic look of a movie. With Dolby Vision® and comprehensive workflows, editing, and sharing features, Moxion makes a DIT's job easier.

What are the steps in the post-production process?

Postproduction incorporates editing, music composition, visual effects, color grading, and sound design to bring together all elements of a film or video. Moxion includes a robust array of tools for postproduction, beginning with sharing and annotating dailies through the final sound mixing and color grading. All are designed to streamline the process, saving time and money.

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