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Compare the features in Fusion 360 with PowerMill

Learn about the differences between Fusion 360 with PowerMill Standard and Fusion 360 with PowerMill Ultimate. PowerMill is expert CAM software for complex high-speed and 5-axis CNC machining.

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Available as part of Fusion 360 with PowerMill Standard

Available as part of Fusion 360 with PowerMill Ultimate

Available as part of Fusion 360 with PowerMill Ultimate

At a glance

  • High-speed 3-axis
  • 3+2 machining
  • 2.5D and turning
  • Machine simulation
  • Full 5-axis programming
  • Offline robot programming
  • Automated electrode machining
  • Additive manufacturing

Neutral CAD import    

Native CAD import    

Modeling companion    

2.5D machining    

Mill-turn turning    

3-axis roughing    

3-axis finishing    

3-axis toolpath editing    

3+2 machining    

4-axis programming    

5-axis machining    

5-axis toolaxis editing    

Automatic 5-axis collision avoidance    

Robotic programming    

Probing (additional subscriber benefits)    

Additive manufacturing (subscription only)    

User defined macros and templates    

Setup sheets    

Shared views (subscription only)    

Autodesk Drive (subscription only)    

Tool database    

Toolpath simulation    

Machine simulation    

Tool collision-checking    

Stock removal simulation    

Predictive surface finish visualization    

Machine collision checking    

Dynamic machine control    

Simulation analysis    

Project verification    

Interface to third-party verification software    

Electrode machining    

Rib machining    

Blade milling    

Blisk milling    

Impeller milling    

Port and manifold manufacture    

Fusion 360    

Fusion 360 Team    

Fusion 360 – Machining Extension (available October 2020)    


Fusion 360 – Additive Build Extension (available October 2020)