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Expert 3- and 5-axis CAM

Features in PowerMill® enable easier 3- and 5-axis programming, simulation, and verification, so manufacturers can get more from their subtractive, additive, and hybrid machines.

High-speed machining

  • Expert performance

    Rapid calculation of toolpaths for large or complex parts. Machine surfaces, solids, or meshes. (video: 2:48 min.)

  • High-speed roughing

    Cut parts faster with high-efficiency roughing. Prolong tool life and reduce maintenance costs. (video: 3:15 min.)

  • Comprehensive finishing

    Access a vast library of toolpaths. Improve surface finish, while minimizing manual polishing. (video: 3:02 min.)

  • Toolpath optimization

    Make global or localized edits to your toolpaths without the need for lengthy recalculations. (video: 2:44 min.)

  • Surface probing

    ULTIMATE (additional subscriber benefits)

    Create probing toolpaths to measure parts with spindle probes. Subscribers can share 3D reports with Autodesk Drive.

  • Machining setups

    Manage workplanes, stock and clamps when programming parts using multiple operations.

  • Posts in the cloud

    (subscription only)

    Use a secure, cloud-based platform to manage CNC post-processors.

  • Autodesk Drive

    (subscription only)

    Securely store, preview, and share PowerMill data with project stakeholders.

  • ENHANCED | Ribbon interface

    Improved interface and user experience. Make better use of the 3D view, and quickly access commonly used commands.

  • 2.5D programming

    Interactively create 2D features, toolpaths, and NC code. Automatically check for collisions and minimize air cutting.

  • Rib machining


    Produce cutter-friendly toolpaths to mill ribs in molds and dies. Use as a low-cost alternative to EDM.

  • Every CAD support

    Import surfaces, solids, or meshes from mainstream CAD systems. Create high-quality NC code regardless of model quality.

  • New | Fusion Production

    Send PowerMill data to Fusion Production for cloud-based job tracking, scheduling, and machine monitoring.

5-axis programming and multi-axis machining

  • Enhanced

    Efficient 3+2 programming

    Machine difficult-to-reach features with fewer setups, shorter tools, and more aggressive feeds and speeds. (video: 2:10 min.)

  • 5-axis machining


    Go beyond 3+2 with continuous 5-axis machining. Machine the most challenging parts more safely and efficiently. (video: 3:24 min.)

  • Enhanced

    Auto tool tilting


    Simplify the process of creating collision-free 5-axis toolpaths with automatic tool axis tilting (video: 58 sec.)

  • Enhanced

    Expert 5-axis control


    Make global or localized edits to 5-axis toolpaths for improved machine motion and shorter cycle times. (video: 2:50 min.)

  • Interactive collision avoidance

    Use interactive tools to help identify and repair toolpath motion that can cause collisions or near misses.

  • Automatic orientation vectors

    Improve the synchronization between 5-axis simulations and actual NC program output.

  • Dynamic machine control in region


    Select multiple regions of your toolpaths, use a virtual CNC machine to dynamically apply alternative tool axis settings

  • Comprehensive tool support

    Access a comprehensive suite of tool types, including barrel cutters, and combine with 3- and 5-axis strategies to meet your machining needs.

Machine simulation and verification

  • Stock simulation

    Dynamic ViewMill now provides improved image quality. New options to detect and display collisions with stock.

  • Stock analysis

    Quickly identify material left unmachined using color-coded shading modes.

  • Collision checking and avoidance

    Get tools to find and remove collisions and near misses. Analyze your entire CAM project for greater confidence.

  • Analyze machine motion

    Simulate your toolpaths and NC programs using a virtual CNC machine. Highlight over-travel and rotary axis reversals.

  • Optimizing machine motion

    Dynamically orientate your virtual CNC machine tool to use shorter tools and more aggressive feeds and speeds.

  • Verification exports

    Quickly transfer your NC programs and associated data to third-party verification software for added peace of mind.

  • Trusted NC code output

    Output high-quality NC code for your machines. Access the latest machining functions on major NC controllers.

Industry machining solutions

  • Additive manufacturing

    ULTIMATE (subscription only)

    Create, control, and simulate deposition strategies for driving high-rate additive processes (video: 2:41 min.)

  • Industrial robots


    Offline programming and simulation of robots. Analyze axis motion to reduce singularities and over-travel.
    (video: 2:56 min.)

  • Electrode manufacture


    Automate the manufacture of electrodes for EDM. Define machining templates and apply to families of parts. (video: 2:47 min.)

  • Blisk and impeller machining


    Use 5-axis machining to produce blisks, IBRs, and impellers. Create smoother roughing and finishing toolpaths.
    (video: 1:38 min.)

  • Turning CAM

    Gain turning strategies for use on 5-axis mill-turn machines. Combine with milling toolpaths for fewer machine setups.

  • Turning improvements

    Make edits to turning toolpaths without lengthy recalculation. Check for collisions and apply to 3D stock model.

  • Blade milling


    Get tools to machine turbine blades, vanes, and other airfoils. Use specialized toolpaths with smooth 5-axis motion.

  • Port and manifold manufacture


    Use 5-axis milling to cut ports. Control engagement angle and cutter push off, and minimize manual polishing.

Expert control and optimization

  • Link control

    Control noncutting toolpath connection moves. Minimize air cutting, avoid dwell marks, and improve surface finish.

  • Customization and automation

    Embed your expertise into templates, macros, and toolbars. Minimize programming time and human error.

  • Tooling database

    Build a searchable tool database and share across your engineering team for greater process control.

  • Setup sheets

    Share vital information with your shop-floor operators. Minimize setup time, and help avoid costly mistakes.