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Maya vs. Maya LT

Compare features of Maya vs. Maya LT software. We designed Maya for film, television, and game developers who require a full-featured 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering solution built on a highly extensible platform. Maya LT addresses the more focused needs of indie game makers.

Maya 2016
Maya LT 2016
Maya LT
Ideal for All entertainment artists Indie game makers
Desktop Subscription
Pay-as-you-go access
Up-to-date software
Online support
Scalable licensing
3D Modeling
New sculpting toolset
Enhanced poly-modeling workflows
Polygon and subdivision mesh modeling
Primitive creation
Mesh creation tools
Polygon/mesh refinement tools
Polygon reduction tool
Edge and ring loops
NEX accelerated modeling workflow
OpenSubdiv support
Topology-based symmetry tools
Quad draw tool
Multicut tool
Brush-based sculpt geometry tool
Paint selection
UV & Texturing Workflows
New UV workflows
UVs, normal, and color per vertex (CPV)
Multiple UV set support
Per-instance UV sets
Unfold 3D integration
Multiple sets/color per vertex
3D paint tool (texture)
Substance procedural textures library
2D and 3D procedural textures
PSD file support
Transfer maps
Turtle texture baking
3D Animation
Parallel rig evaluation
Keyframe animation
Graph and dope sheet editors
Animation layers
Trax nonlinear animation editor
Set driven key tool
Editable motion trails
ATOM animation file save and load
Point constraints
Aim constraints
Orient constraints
Scale constraints
Parent constraints
Geometry constraints
Normal constraints
Tangent constraints
Pole vector constraints
HumanIK full-body animation system
Built-in Spline IK, Spring IK
Live animation retargeting
Animation rigging & deformation
Delta Mush deformer
Nonlinear deformer
Lattice deformer
Blendshape deformer
Wrap deformer
Sculpt deformer
Soft modification deformer
Cluster deformer
Jiggle deformer
Wire deformer
Point on curve deformer
Wrinkle deformer
Texture deformer
Shrink wrap deformer
Geodesic Voxel skinning
Heat mat skinning
Paint skin weights
Substitute geometry tool
Maya muscle deformation system
Camera sequencer
Multicamera layout and management tools
Sequencer playlist clip editing
Draw in viewport
Store pencil strokes
Performance markup
Next-gen viewport & shading
Look development workflow enhancements
Third-party viewport renderer override
Microsoft DirectX 11 support
DX11 real-time shader effects
HLSL and CgFX support
Walk tool
Rendering & imaging
mental ray renderer
Vector renderer
Hardware render window
Turtle renderer
Interactive photorealistic renderer (IPR)
Hypershade and Visor tools
Color management
Toon Shader
Nonphotorealistic drawing styles
Maya Paint Effects
500 editable, preset Maya Paint Effects brushes
Interactive previews
Render results in mental ray
Animation simulation
Complex, natural effects
Surface snap tool
Surface attract tool
Surface collide tool
Space Colonization algorithm
Dynamics & effects
Bifrost procedural effects platform
Adaptive foam in Bifrost
Guided Simulation in Bifrost
Adaptive aero solver in Bifrost
Open procedural graph for Bifrost
XGen arbitrary primitive generator
Maya Fluid Effects
Maya Fur
Maya nHair
Maya nParticles
Maya nCloth
Rigid and soft-body dynamics
Bullet physics
NVIDIA PhysX integration*
Digital Molecular Matter plug-in
Pipeline integration & tools
MEL scripting
Python scripting
Write custom plug-ins with SDK
Create custom Maya objects
Customize UI for proprietary tools
Microsoft .NET API support
Load third-party plug-ins and tools
Write custom objects and plug-ins using Maya C++ API
Create custom UI tools using Qt development framework
Viewport 2.0 API
Send to Unity export
Send to Unreal export
Send to Mudbox export
Game export tool
Cloud integration
2D & 3D integration
Render layer
Compositing tree for render layers
File edit interaction with Apple Final Cut Pro
File edit interaction with Adobe Illustrator
Data & scene management tools
View and edit node relationships
Segment scenes
Group nodes for user-specific views
Modify modeled data without rebuilding
Read/write Alembic framework format
Scene assembly tools
Production asset management
Swap between scene representations
Apply, animate, or query edits
Track overrides on assemblies
Robust API to customize toolset
Enhanced file path handling
File Path Editor UI
Fix broken file paths
Set paths to nonexistent files
Access files on nonstandard paths
Maya Composite
Advanced compositing, image processing tools
3D compositing environment
Rotoscoping tools
Disk-based playback
Support for render layers
Python script-based compositing
Professional camera tracking
Microsoft Windows
Automatic 3D camera tracking
OS support
Mac OS X
Grease pencil
Draw in viewport
Store pencil strokes
Performance markup
Free trial Free trial

*Feature available only for Windows operating systems. OpenCL acceleration on Windows and Linux offers additional performance benefits on those platforms.