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This center supports the research and development of emerging technologies, including machine learning, generative design and artificial intelligence, to reimagine how things are designed and made.

Taking design to the next level

Located in Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District, one of the world’s largest urban innovation hubs, this center is generatively designed to facilitate a collaborative community. Resident teams explore emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence that will help us design and make in ways previously unimaginable.

Resident projects in Toronto

  • Trexo Robotics

    Faced with the reality that his nephew may spend the rest of his life wheelchair bound, Trexo co-founder Manmeet Maggu was determined to build a device to help his nephew walk.

  • Cortex Design

    Cortex’s design principles are guided by ethnographic research, a social science research method that involves a deep dive by researchers into a cultural or social group.

  • Luxmea Studio

    LuxMea Studio is one of the Technology Center Residency Program’s prime examples of a successful cross-center residents exchange.

  • Marion Surgical

    Marion Surgical is changing the field of surgical education by building the world’s first virtual reality and haptic feedback training platform for surgeons.

  • TransPod

    TransPod aims to re-invent tube-transportation from the ground up.

Become a resident team

The residency program provides open workspaces and equipment for teams doing forward-looking work in the areas of construction, manufacturing, and emerging technologies.

Technology center locations


A research and development workspace, the technology center in Boston is where startups, colleges and universities, and industry experts explore ways to advance the building industry.


A hub for research, development and demonstration of new manufacturing technologies, the technology center in San Francisco is also exploring processes relating to the concept of configurable microfactories.


At the technology center in Birmingham, Autodesk works with customers across industries to help them develop new manufacturing and fabrication techniques to transform how things are made.