Creating better outcomes together

The Autodesk Technology Centers catalyze new possibilities for design and make by connecting our data-enabled fabrication workshops with a global network of innovation leaders.

About the Technology Centers

Advanced facilities

The Technology Centers provide a tangible platform that connects the digital to the physical for Autodesk Research, external teams and industry. We de-risk the future through digital design & simulation, fabrication, validation and education. The organizations and teams who engage with our facilities conduct speculative and industry-applied work to positively impact the future of design and make.

Our workshop facilities provide fabrication equipment, assembly space, and related expertise to research and development projects conducted by our internal Autodesk Research and product teams and external customer and Residency Program teams. The Technology Centers create opportunities for cross-industry collaboration and learning for Autodesk and residents.

Boston Technology Center


Located in Boston’s Seaport Innovation District, the Autodesk Technology Center in Boston provides access to large-format fabrication equipment, a wide range of robotics, a composites lab, polymer and metal additive workshops, and project space to accommodate building scale construction projects.

SF Technology Center

San Francisco

The Autodesk Technology Center in San Francisco is located on the Embarcadero and has a wide range of advanced manufacturing equipment, robotics, hybrid metal additive, and workspaces to explore new ideas around traditional manufacturing.

Toronto technology center


The Autodesk Technology Centre in Toronto supports internal Autodesk Research projects and offers access to advanced prototyping and validation tools, collaborative robotics, metal and polymer additive, and metrology grade scanning.

Birmingham Technology Center

Birmingham, UK

The Autodesk Technology Centre in Birmingham, United Kingdom engages with customers across industries to help them develop new manufacturing and fabrication techniques. Birmingham also works closely with product teams to validate and optimize design and make workflows. 


The technology centers maintain a diverse equipment portfolio that supports a range of fabrication technologies. 

  • 5-axis machining 
  • CNC turning
  • Large format/high speed routing
  • Metal additive/subtractive hybrid manufacturing


  • Laser/waterjet cutting
  • Large format polymer additive manufacturing
  • Powdered metal, DED & BMD additive manufacturing
  • Industrial robotics


  • Collaborative robotics
  • Composites fabrication
  • Vacuum/pressure forming
  • Power coat/paint finishing


Residents at Toronto Technology Centre

Engaging external thought leaders

The Autodesk Research Residency Program is a global community of resident teams from industry, academic, and entrepreneurial sectors who are passionate about accelerating and researching design and make processes. The residency program offers open access to fabrication resources and expertise that enable teams to discover and test advanced techniques for design and make. 

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