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The Autodesk Technology Centers provide workspaces and equipment for teams from industry, academic, and entrepreneurial communities to do forward-looking work in emerging technologies.

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About the Technology Centers

Autodesk Technology Centers welcome video (2:06 min.)

Building a shared vision of the future

The network of Autodesk Technology Centers in San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, and Birmingham, UK, bring together industry, academic, and entrepreneurial communities working toward new approaches to making. In these spaces, we help bring to life solutions that enable people to turn ideas into realities and shape a better future.

Photo of 3D printing with robotic arm using concrete at the Autodesk Technology Center in Boston

State-of-the-art facilities

At the Autodesk Technology Centers, teams in architecture, engineering, and construction, and the design and manufacturing fields conduct speculative work to advance their industries. From design automation to predictive analytics and AI, our state-of-the-art facilities provide a space where teams can explore new, connected workflows that enable industries to deliver innovative new solutions.

Photo of work in the Autodesk San Francisco Technology Center using Fusion 360

The residency program

The Technology Centers residency program hosts startup, industry, and academic teams doing projects supporting design and innovation, material research, and fabrication workflows. Residency proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis and selected participants are provided with access to a rich series of programs, subject matter experts, training, and equipment.

News and updates

Can food science and technology make nutrition insecurity a thing of the past?

COVID-19 exposed many cracks in global food systems—but food science and technology start-ups are on the case. Could rethinking old methods finally bring agriculture into the 21st century?

Designing for Impact: How Innovators Are Exploring Emerging Technologies [E-book]

Ideas have a better chance of becoming tangible solutions when collaboration is involved. Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of the Autodesk Technology Centers, which provide a platform for exploring new possibilities of designing and making.

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Tech’s Breath of Fresh Air Is Improving Patient Outcomes in COVID-19 Treatment

As governments struggle to flatten the COVID-19 curve, here are three tech innovators revamping ventilators to help in improving patient outcomes.

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The residency program has open enrollment and residencies can last anywhere from one month to a year or more.

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A resident’s perspective

"As members of the Autodesk residency program, Marion Surgical had access to top-notch manufacturing expertise and resources to develop a simulator utilizing AR, VR, and haptics that enables surgeons to learn, collaborate, practice, and share procedures in a realistic, safe, and cloud-hosted environment." — Jessica Henry, Marion Surgical

Technology Center locations

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Photo of Autodesk Technology Center in San Francisco

San Francisco

The Autodesk Technology Center in San Francisco boasts a wide range of advanced manufacturing equipment, robotics, and workspaces to explore new ideas around traditional manufacturing.

Photo of Autodesk Technology Center in Boston


The Autodesk Technology Center in Boston provides access to large-format fabrication equipment, a wide range of robotics, ample project space in a heavy-duty army warehouse, and training and expertise from Autodesk personnel.

Photo of Autodesk Technology Centre in Toronto


The Autodesk Technology Centre in Toronto offers access to advance prototyping and validation tools, where industry experts can come together to reimagine how we design the world around us.

Photo of Autodesk Technology Centre in Birmingham, UK

Birmingham, UK

The Autodesk Technology Centre in Birmingham, UK, works with customers across industries to help them develop new manufacturing and fabrication techniques.