Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

A Manufacturing Execution System tool is designed to help small, medium and large manufacturing businesses automate their production management and minimize waste and associated costs

What is MES software?

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a software solution to automate and digitize manufacturing processes. Manage, monitor, and track the transformation of raw materials into finished products in real-time. Gain insight into manufacturing operations to see how to improve performance, lower costs and increase production efficiency.

Who uses MES software?

Manufacturing Execution systems are multi-capable tools used by operations managers, production managers, schedulers, packaging specialists, fulfillment operators, QA teams, and shop floor fabricators. Because an MES system collates data from so many different spaces on the fabrication floor, it is used by multiple users all under one roof.

What are the benefits of MES?

Increase Efficiency

Find where waste is being produced effortlessly, get real insights into time management, identify your bottlenecks in manufacturing/production, and get actionable insights.

Digitization and Automation

Gain access to real-time data such as labor, scrap, downtime, and maintenance with digital processes that scale across your entire supply chain.

Reduce Waste Costs

Detect inconsistencies on the shop floor to quickly limit the number of bad parts and materials wasted.

Manufacturing Execution System resources

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FAQs about MES systems

How do MES and ERP work together?

Absolutely. While both tools have different capabilities, they can be easily integrated. ERP (Enterprise resource planning) tells you what decisions need to be made, while MES tells you how to make those decisions. The result? Two complimentary tools.

What is an ERP?

An ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning is a tracking tool designed to consolidate cash, raw materials, production capacity, and all their statuses, into a single location. These tools are massive, covering every aspect of what is required to run any business. As a result, while they are extremely capable tools, they’re very expensive, take a long time to get operational, and require frequent maintenance to adjust and update as your business evolves.

Prodsmart has taken what matters from ERP, specifically for fabrication and/or manufacturing and inserted it into the software to make management more effective, without bogging down users of the tool with excessive input and data points.

Where can I learn more about Prodsmart?

You can learn more about Prodsmart right here, and sign up for a free trial also!

Do I need to use Fusion 360 to use Prodsmart?

No, Prodsmart is a standalone product to manage your production, fabrication, manufacturing, scheduling, and so much more.

You can learn more about Prodsmart here
You can learn more about Fusion 360 here

What is an MRP?

MRP, or Material Requirement Planning is an essential part of fabrication and manufacturing. An MRP system enables you to track raw materials in your facility for manufacturing/fabrication, as well as product ready for shipping. It also helps you track minimum stock levels in your facility to make ordering easier as well as plan activities, delivery schedules, and purchases. All of the above features are folded into Prodsmart, eliminating the need for an additional tool

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