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Running a Multi-Fireflow Extended Duration Analysis

Set up and run a multi-fireflow duration analysis and view the results.


A multi-fireflow analysis is an extended period simulation that allows you to study water distribution system performance under the condition when multiple fire hydrants are opened simultaneously. You can define multiple fire demands over a period of time.

  1. Open the appropriate .aprx file in ArcGIS Pro.
  2. From the ribbon, InfoWater Pro tab, Project panel, click Initialize.

To define a multi-fireflow analysis:

  1. On the ribbon, InfoWater Pro tab, Domain panel, click Clear Domain to clear any previous selections.
  2. From the ribbon, Analysis panel, click Run.
  3. In the Run Manager, click the Multi-Fireflow tab.
  4. Set the start time:
    1. Click Select Time.
    2. In the Select Time popup, click and drag the slider to set the time to 10:00 hrs.
    3. Click OK.

The Select Time popup set to 10:00 hours.

Now you need to add one or more junctions (or hydrants) to test.

  1. Click Add Junctions.
    Run Manager Multi-fireflow tab with Add Junctions highlighted
  2. In the map, locate junctions J1140 and J1198 (beside each other in Zone 4):
    1. In the Model Explorer, Attribute tab, ID field, enter a junction ID.
    2. Click Zoom to Active Element.
  3. Select both junctions, then right-click in the map area and select Enter.
    The Network map, showing the two junctions to select
  4. In the Run Manager, enable Fire Duration.
  5. In the Duration field, enter 240.
    Run Manager Multi-fireflow tab with Fire Duration highlighted

The test is now set to run for 4 hours, starting at 10:00.

  1. Click Run.

The Multiple Fireflow report opens automatically in the Report Manager.

  1. If you are prompted to switch to the most recent output data, click Yes.
  2. Using the time bar at the top of the report, step through the 4 hours of the simulation.

The lowest value in the Residual Pressure column is more than the 20 psi that was set in the Run Manager Fireflow tab for each of these hydrants at each hour. Therefore, fireflows can be supplied here.

Report Manager report for the multi-fireflow run with time bar highlighted

IMPORTANT: The Multi-Fireflow tool can be used to run an EPS on however many hydrants you want, but including too many will make it harder to meet the required fireflows. This is why this demonstration includes only two hydrants. In fact, you can run a Multi-Fireflow EPS using only one hydrant to apply the duration and see what happens each additional hour the fireflow demand is applied.

To view the reports and graphs from this Multi-Fireflow simulation:

  1. In the Report Manager, click New.
  2. In the Output/Report Graph dialog box, under Available Output Sources, select *Active*.Multiple Fireflow.

Note: The outputs available for Multi-fireflow analyses are the same as those for Standard EPS simulations.

  1. Click the Tabular Report tab.
  2. View and open any of the options.
  3. Click the Graph Report tab.
  4. View and open any of the options.
    The Output Report/Graph dialog box with Multiple Fireflow highlighted.
  5. When you are finished viewing the reports and graphs, click Hide to close the Report Manager.