Back Up Cloud Models and Files

Exercise: Back Up Cloud Models and Files



Task 1: Replacing Negatively Affected Project Files

  1. To back up project files, simply use the Autodesk Docs rive to drag and drop the file into its respective folder or use the web interface’s Upload Files button.

  1. If previous versions of the file are wanting to be kept, make sure to upload the clean version with the same name while not deleting the affected file.

Task 2: Replacing Revit Cloud Workshared (RCW) Models

  1. Identify the latest clean version of the model which will be used to replace the negatively affected RCW model.
  2. Make sure to delete the model completely from your cloud project.

  1. Upload the clean model version form the Collaborate tab in Revit using the Collaborate in Cloud option.

  1. In the case that a Sync with Central is wanting to be used to back-up a negatively affected model, follow along with the video demonstration.