Sharing a 3D View From Revit with the Wider Team

Sharing 3D views from Revit with the Wider Team

In this exercise you will create a 3D shared view in Revit and prepare to send it to a non-Revit user. You will also modify a 3D section view and extract it as a separate shared view.

  1. Open the Small Medical Center_A-2021.rvt project. It opens in the GROUND FLOOR view.
  2. In the Quick Access Toolbar click Default 3D view. You need to be in a 3D view to share it.
  3. In the Collaborate tab > Share panel, click Shared Views. (This turns the Shared Views palette off and on.) 
  4. In the Shared Views palette, click New Shared View. If existing shared views of this project exists, you will see the view in the Shared Views palette. 
  5. In the Create a 3D Shared View dialog, type a new name for the shared view and click Share. 
  6. The shared view is created. You can continue working in the project while the shared view is being extracted. The amount of time this takes varies with the complexity of the model.
  7. A notification displays where you can quickly choose to View it in the Browser or Copy the link and prepare to share it with someone. You are also sent an email notifying that the file is ready to view. 
  8. Click Copy the Link and the shared link is copied to the clipboard. 
  9. Alternately, in the Shared Views palette, click on the ellipses and select Copy link. 
  10. Use your preferred method to share the link with the wider team via email, or other messaging services.
  11. In Revit, in the Project Browser, expand the 3D Views group and double-click on Lobby Section to open the view. 
  12. Orbit around the view so you can see section box. 
  13. Drag the section controls so you are seeing part of the main building. 
  14. Rotate the view and drag the section control so you can see inside the lobby area. 
  15. Save the project.
  16. In the Shared Views palette click New Shared View.
  17. Type in a name for the new shared view and click Share.
  18. A link to this view is also ready to be copied and shared with others.