Creating Custom Project and Shared Parameters

Pracitice: Creating custom project and shared parameters in schedules

Additional building design information can be added to schedules by creating custom parameters. In this practice you will create a project parameter with a Yes/No option to identify rooms that have patient access. You will also add a shared parameter to identify restricted access rooms.  While this practice focuses on a room schedule, the methodology for creating parameters in any schedule is the same.

Task 1: Create a schedule and a Project Parameter

1.    Open the Small Medical Center-New Parameters.rvt project in the GROUND Floor plan view.

2.    In the Project Browser, right-click on Schedules/Quantities (all) and select New Schedule/Quantities…

3.    In the New Schedule dialog box set the Filter list to Architectural and select Rooms. Type in the Name: Rooms by Use. Verify that Schedule building components is selected, as shown below, and click OK.

4.    In the Schedule Properties dialog box, add the following fields to the Schedule fields (in order) list: Number, Name, and Building Area, as shown below.

5.    In the Sorting/Grouping tab, Sort by Building Area with a Header and then by Number, as shown below.

6.    Click OK to view the schedule.

7.    Right-click on Building Area and select Hide Columns, as shown below.

8.    In Properties, in the Other group, beside Fields, click Edit…

9.    In the Schedule Properties dialog box, on the Fields tab, click   (New Parameter).

10.In the Parameter Properties dialog box, select Project parameter.

11.In the Parameter Data area type in the name Patient Access, set the Type of Parameter to Yes/No, as shown below. Notice that Add to all elements in the selected categories is automatically selected. This is because you are working within a Room Schedule and the parameter is assigned to that category.

12.Click OK.

13.Click OK again and you can see that the new column is defined, and the option is a check box.

14.The default option to a Yes/No parameter is Yes – you can see the checks display but are grayed out. Select the rooms that are accessible to patients, as shown below.  No rooms on the second floor are accessible. Only a few in the Urgent Care area are accessible to patients.

15.Save the project.

Task 2: Create a Shared Parameter

1.    In Properties, beside Fields click Edit…

2.    In the Schedule Properties dialog box click (Add Parameter).

3.    In the Parameter Properties dialog box, select Shared parameter and then click Select…

4.    If a warning displays saying that the shared parameter file does not exist, click Yes to choose a new file.

5.    In the Edit Shared Parameters dialog box under Shared parameter file: click Browse…

6.    Open the Practice Dataset folder that you downloaded and select Facilities Parameters.txt and click Open.

7.    In the Shared Parameters dialog box set the Parameter group to Access and select the parameter Restricted, as shown below, and click OK.

8.    The Parameter Data is automatically applied from the shared parameter.  Select Add to all elements in the category, as shown below.

9.    Click OK twice to close the dialog boxes.

10.In the Schedule view, scroll down to the Urgent Care part of the schedule and select Pharmacy, Lab, and Xray Developing, as shown below. These are Restricted areas even to other staff.

11.Now you can use these parameters to filter the schedule.  In Properties, beside Filter click Edit…

12.In the Filter tab Filter by: Patient Access > equals > Yes, as shown below. Click OK.

13.   The schedule just shows the items where patients have access, as shown below.

14.  Save the project.