Creating Calculated Value Parameters in Schedules

Practice:  Creating calculated value parameters in schedules.
In this practice you will create material takeoff schedules that include a new calculated formula parameter in a material takeoff schedules displaying the total cost per square foot of the materials. You will then create a calculated percent parameter showing the material by percent of the overall building materials.

Task 1: Create a calculated parameter using a formula

1.    Open the Small Medical Center-Calculated.rvt project in the 3D  view.

2.    In the Project Browser, in the Schedule/Quantities group double-click on Brick Wall Material Takeoff.

3.    This schedule includes the Material: Name, Material: Area, and Material: Cost, as shown below.

4.    In Properties, beside Fields click Edit…

5.    In the Material Takeoff Properties dialog box on the Fields tab, click  (Add Calculated Parameter).

6.    In the Calculated Value dialog box type in the name Total Cost per SF.

7.    Verify it is a Formula.

8.    Accept the default Discipline: Common and the Type: Number.

Note: When creating a formula, you must have the fields used in the formula already listed in the schedule. You also need to type in the name exactly. It can be better to use the  button to select the fields.

9.    Click .

10.In the Fields dialog box, select Material: Area, as shown below, and click OK.

11.Type in the * for multiplication.

12.Click Browse, select Material: Cost and click OK.

13.The formula displays as shown below.

14.Click OK.

15. A warning displays telling you there are inconsistent units. That is because the Material: Area is in SF and the Material: Cost is not. 

16.Close the warning dialog box.

17.Modify the formula so it reads: (Material: Area/1), as shown below. This strips the units from the area information and allows it to work.

18.Click OK and the new field is added.

19.Before you exit the Material Takeoff Properties dialog box, click on the Formatting tab.

20.Select the Field Total Cost per SF.

21.Change the Alignment to Right

22.Click Field Format…

23.Uncheck Use default settings. Assign the Units to Currency, Rounding to 2 decimal places and the Unit symbol to $, as shown below.

24.Click OK

25.Expand the drop-down at the bottom of the dialog box and select Calculate totals, as shown below.

26.Click OK.

27.In the Project Browser, right-click on the Brick Material Takeoff schedule and select Duplicate.

28.Rename the new schedule Wood Plank Wall Material Takeoff.

29. In the Material Takeoff Properties, Filter tab change the Filter by value to Wood Planks, as shown below and click OK.

30. The updated schedule displays, as shown below.

31.Save the project.

Task 2: Create a Calculated Parameter by Percent.

1.    Duplicate one of the existing material takeoff schedules.

2.    Rename it Wall Material by Percent.

3.    Set the Filter to Material: Name >  does not equal  > Air, as shown below.

4.     In the Sorting/Grouping tab uncheck Itemize every instance and click OK.

5.    In Properties, beside Fields, click Edit…

6.     In the Field tab click  (Add Calculated Parameter).

7.    In the Calculated Value dialog box type in the name Wall Material by Percent.

8.    Click Percentage.

9.    Then use the defaults, Material: Area by <Grand total>, as shown below.

10.Click OK.

11.In the Fields tab, move the new field up to second place in the list, as shown below.


12.Click OK.

13.Click on the Material: Area column and select Hide column. This field needs to remain in the schedule because it is used by the calculated parameters but does not need to display in this schedule. The final schedule displays as shown below.

14.Save the project