See how Vault has evolved

What’s new in Vault?

Every release of Vault is packed with user-requested updates to help you speed up design workflows, reduce repetitive tasks, and work the way you want.

Vault 2024: what’s new overview video (video: 2:46 min.)

Vault 2024: Intuitive tools for collaboration and workflow enhancements

The latest release of Vault will help accelerate your overall design creation and data management experience.

New features in Vault 2024

Copy folder

Easily start new projects by copying previous project folder structures.

Automated CAD formats for document control

Automatically publish and manage DXF and STEP files from CAD files within the design release process.

Peer review for lifecycle state transition

Enforce peer reviews for state changes to facilitate delegation of authority and increase transparency.

Backup and restore enhancements

Back up your Vault environment with more flexibility. Selectively back up vault and library databases to reduce the time and space required for the backup process.

Inventor design data and template management

Easily manage and deploy Inventor design data and templates to users directly from Vault.

Thin client enhancements

Improve productivity and efficiency with the ability to easily expand or collapse rows in a tree view on the file and items details page.


Vault 2023: what’s new overview video (video: 2:39 min.)

Vault 2023: More modern, connected, and insightful than ever

Customer-driven enhancements boost productivity and the new Vault Gateway makes it easier to connect remote users.

New features in Vault 2023

Vault gateway

Access Vault data securely when working remotely without the need for a VPN connection.

AutoCAD add-in enhancements

Focus on your design tasks while viewing important design data and data management workflows for optimum efficiency.

Lifecycle state colors

Easily recognize the state of files in the file grid by color.

User interface enhancements

Experience a brand-new user interface with a modern dark and light look and feel.

Inventor instance properties support

Save time with access to instance properties in Vault without having to go back to Inventor.

Inventor read-only mode

Gain more control over how you view Inventor files using Inventor read-only.


Collaborate by marking up designs to add and share comments, information, and suggestions for design changes.

Design file restrictions

As an administrator, you can customize and enforce design file restrictions for check-in through the Vault client.

Column customization in multiple dialogs

Access valuable data while performing other workflows in Vault with customized view functionality.

Vault 2022 what’s new overview (video: 2:37 min.)

Vault 2022: Collaboration is easier than ever

Gain more automation and the flexibility to work with design data anywhere, anytime with Vault 2022. 

New features in Vault 2022

Inventor model states and Vault

Use the power and flexibility of Inventor Model States in Vault to work faster and more efficiently.

Thin client access

Access and view design data, bill of materials, and change orders using only your web browser and Vault credentials.

Duplicate search

Combine properties filtered with geometric search capabilities to improve duplicated search workflows.

Administrator user and group management

Manage users, groups, and profile attributes for greater productivity.

Autodesk ID integration

Use Autodesk ID when logging in to provide more flexibility.

Additional audit logs

Track user access data, including Vault name, date and time, and which client and authentication type was used.

Mobile app

Work with your design and engineering data on the go on your mobile phone or tablet.

Replication technology enhancement

Improve usability by eliminating the need for object ownership and simplifying your replication environment.

New installer experience

Install all Vault add-ins at the same time automatically with a simplified Vault client installer.

Vault 2021 what’s new overview (video: 2:56 min.)

Vault 2021: More powerful than ever

Increase CAD user productivity and administrator efficiency with new features in Vault 2021.

New features in Vault 2021

Smart duplicate reduction

Quickly find and reduce duplicate parts in your database using geometric searches that compare 3D shapes.

Inventor and Revit interoperability

Manage and work with Revit files that are linked to Inventor assemblies and AnyCAD files.

Show details

Access all information related to your design through a dockable panel that includes tabs for uses, where used, bill of materials, and change orders.

Organize saved searches

Organize and manage your saved search queries in a structured way and define custom views.

Unused document detection

Clean up unused files that are no longer relevant and avoid releasing them downstream.

Copy design improvements

Manage copy design rules centrally and copy property values from an original file to any user-defined property in a new file.

Change order email templates

Customize change order email templates, including subject line and body in a central location for all users.

Data purge for lifecycle states

Apply purge control changes to historical data based on the lifecycle state definition.

Security granularity

Give access to folders, file properties, and ‘Uses/ Where Used’ tabs to certain users while preventing them from downloading files.

Participate in Vault technology previews

Review pre-release functionality and provide your feedback directly to the Vault development team. Your feedback can have a direct impact on future releases of Vault.