Beyond 2022: The Vault product roadmap

The Vault roadmap

The Vault product team is excited to share this roadmap so you can see some of the ways we intend to make Vault more modern, connected, and insightful.

Some ground rules to keep in mind

This roadmap may make statements regarding future events and development efforts for our products and services. These statements reflect our current expectations based on what we know today. Our plans are not intended to be a promise or guarantee of future delivery of products, services, or features, and purchasing decisions should not be made based upon these statements. We do not assume any responsibility to update this roadmap to reflect events that occur or circumstances that exist after the publish date of this roadmap.

Rendered design of a manufactured 3D model

A glimpse of the future

Our roadmap is not a comprehensive list of everything coming in Vault. We simply want to give you a glimpse into some of the areas we’re working on. For a list of capabilities shipped in the past, please visit the Vault releases page.

Author experience

For authors and those of you who use CAD design tools, we’re adding more capabilities to help keep you focused on the work you love.

  • Modern

    Experience modern ways to access and organize your design data daily.

  • Connected

    Stay connected to design data remotely with mobile access.

  • Insightful

    Unlock your design data and gain actionable insights.

Author experience features

  • Autodesk Viewer integration interface in Vault displaying a jet engine model

    Autodesk Viewer integration

    View your data easily with Autodesk Viewer integration in Vault, allowing you to preview designs and print copies as needed.

  • Create markup on designs and save image snapshots to attach them to the design for review.

    Markup enhancements

    Create markup on designs and save image snapshots to attach them to the design for review.

  • Vault user interface in dark and light mode

    Modern interface

    Experience a brand-new user interface with a modern dark and light look and feel.

  • Inventor add-in enhancements and copy design spreadsheet in Vault

    Inventor add-in enhancements

    Copy vaulted designs inside Inventor and start using the copied files without leaving Inventor.

  • AutoCAD add-in enhancements and floorplan sample

    AutoCAD add-in enhancements

    Save time and streamline your design process with new ‘Show Details’ and ‘Go to Vault Folder’ commands.

Participant experience

For participants who are non-CAD users, we’re helping you to easily access and work with engineering data.

  • Modern

    Experience modern ways to access and organize your design data daily.

  • Connected

    Access data and participate in approvals on the go through a mobile connected experience.

  • Insightful

    Make better decisions with useful insights about managed data.

Participant experience features

  • Vault interface displaying how to access and view files in your browse

    Thin client enhancements

    Access and view common non-CAD files directly in the web browser.

  • Vault sign-in using Autodesk ID

    Autodesk ID support in mobile app

    Conveniently sign in to Vault using your Autodesk ID to access and view design data.

Administrator experience

For administrators, we’re continuing to modernize your experience to keep you focused on maintaining a smooth overall experience for authors and other users.

  • Modern

    Experience modern authentication, replication, and overall administration.

  • Connected

    Use cloud-based Vault service to connect massive amounts of data and processes.

  • Insightful

    Increase administrator productivity with data insights.

Administrator experience features

  • A man sitting in a booth working on a laptop

    Vault gateway

    Access on-premise Vault data securely without the need for a VPN connection.

  • A man working on two monitor screens

    Backup and restore enhancements

    Backup your Vault environment with more flexibility.

  • A man holding a laptop while working in a data center

    Purge enhancements

    Purge files during lifecycle transitions with more control.

  • SSL Network settings in the Vault server

    SSL configuration

    Easily configure SSL with fewer steps through the Vault server.

  • Vault interface displaying how to view and export information

    Export user and group information

    View and export information on user roles, groups, and Vault access.

  • Participate in Vault technology previews

    Review pre-release functionality and provide your feedback directly to the Vault development team. Your feedback can have a direct impact on future releases of Vault.

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