Beyond 2025 - The Autodesk Vault product roadmap

The Autodesk Vault roadmap

The Autodesk Vault product team is excited to share this roadmap with some of the new functionality we’re working on.

Some ground rules to keep in mind

This roadmap may make statements regarding future events and development efforts for our products and services. These statements reflect our current expectations based on what we know today. Our plans are not intended to be a promise or guarantee of future delivery of products, services, or features, and purchasing decisions should not be made based upon these statements. We do not assume any responsibility to update this roadmap to reflect events that occur or circumstances that exist after the publish date of this roadmap.

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A glimpse of the future

Our roadmap is not a comprehensive list of everything coming in Autodesk Vault. We simply want to give you a glimpse into some of the areas we’re working on. For a list of capabilities shipped in the past, please visit the Autodesk Vault releases page.

Author experience

For authors and those of you who use CAD design tools, we’re adding more capabilities to keep you focused on your work.

Author experience features

PDF workflow enhancements

Include PDFs in your most critical workflow processes.

Copy design reuse enhancements

Automate the reuse of files preventing accidental duplicates.

Resolve markups

Manage markup data more efficiently and close feedback loops with resolved markups.

Participant experience

For participants who are non-CAD users, we’re helping you to easily access and work with engineering data.

Participant experience features

Thin client markup

Increase your collaboration with enhanced Vault thin client markup capabilities.

Thin client display control

Easily see your data with enhanced thin client interface controls.

Vault mobile enhancements

Configure the Vault mobile interface to display the most important information.

Administrator experience

For administrators, we’re continuing to modernize your experience to keep you focused on maintaining a smooth overall experience for authors and other users.

Administrator experience features

Project and data archive

Move closed projects and old data to a different location, reducing the amount of data to regularly back up.

Trash folder

Protect against accidental data loss by controlling who can delete objects.

Job processor on Autodesk Platform Services

Reduce operational and maintenance costs by processing jobs on APS.

Administrator change auditing

Log all administrative settings into an audit log for tracking changes.

Participate in Autodesk Vault technology previews

Review pre-release functionality and provide your feedback directly to the Autodesk Vault development team. Your feedback can have a direct impact on future releases of Autodesk Vault.