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Autodesk Fusion 360 helps students learn the skills and workflows needed to prepare for in-demand careers in the future of mechanical engineering.

Why Fusion 360?

Professional modern tool

Leading companies like Airbus, GM, and Under Armour use Fusion 360 to leverage modern workflows that unlock creativity and help solve important and unique design challenges.

Industry 4.0 ready

Empower your students with the tool that provides advanced workflows and capabilities like generative design and advanced simulation in a collaborative and easy to learn CAD/CAM environment.

Collaborative foundation

Fusion 360's cloud based platform enables students to work collaboratively and educators to provide feedback easily while automatically keeping data and projects organized.

Teach mechanical engineering with Fusion 360

Get everything you need to teach advanced, modern workflows and give students a strong foundation today for the skills of tomorrow.

Person using Fusion 360 on a computer and building a prototype by hand

90-minute ramp up

You and your students can get up to speed with Fusion 360 fast. Gain an overview of sketching, parametric solid modeling, exporting files for 3D printing, and more.

Featured teaching resources for Fusion 360

Introduction to 3D Modeling for Manufacturing

Introduction to 3D Modeling for Manufacturing

Help your students gain next-gen foundational knowledge in CAD design, digital manufacturing workflows, machining, and milling with content you can easily integrate into your curriculum.

A student in a CNC lab working on a machine

Learning pathways with industry-backed content

Help students build industry-relevant skills. Self-paced pathways include CAD for mechanical design, simulation for static stress analysis, generative design, and more.


Teacher and student looking at a 3D model on a computer screen

Challenge students with a contest-in-a-box

We've taken care of the hard part. Get everything you need with easy-to-download files required to run an engaging CAD competition for your students.

Student looking at a model of a drone in Fusion 360

New projects in CAD for mechanical design

These engaging CAD projects are designed for the classroom and help students learn fundamental design skills through real-world exercises. Explore five projects in the CAD for mechanical design learning pathway.

Set up your classroom

Someone at a computer viewing Autodesk products

Student software access

Eligible educators can access 125 single-user subscriptions per product—and assigned students can get started in just minutes.


A teacher and student looking at a computer screen

Onboarding students

Get simple, step-by-step instructions for how to onboard and offboard your students.

A man in an Autodesk Technology Center using a robotic arm to manufacture a design

Coursework management

Make classroom collaboration easy and secure. Set up projects and files inside the software and assign roles to manage access.

High school students in a computer lab

Lab set up

Follow these easy, step-by-step instructions to set up your lab and give every student seamless access to Fusion 360.


Certifications to guide careers in mechanical engineering

Help students gain confidence and stand out in the job market by earning industry-validated certifications in mechanical engineering.

Badge for Fusion 360 Certified Associate

CAD for Mechanical Design

Associate | 90 minute exam


Badge for Fusion 360 Certified Professional

Design for Manufacturing

Professional | 120 minute exam


Badge for Fusion 360 Certified Professional

Simulation for Static Stress Analysis

Professional | 120 minute exam


Badge for Fusion 360 Certified Expert

Generative Design for Manufacturing

Expert | 90 minute exam


Prepare students for their future in mechanical engineering

Get help whenever you need it

Access the official Autodesk forum for educators to discuss best practices, curriculum, and questions about Fusion 360.


Get documentation for a wide variety of manufacturing functions, from an intro to 2D machining to generating multi-axis operations and more.


Virtual assistant with access to support

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