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Architecture, Engineering & Construction customer stories

  • BLOX factory floor with modular hospital construction in process. Image courtesy of BLOX


    BLOX is tackling the hospital shortage with modular construction

    As health-care capacity gets stretched to its limits, BLOX uses manufacturing technologies to streamline construction of acute-care medical facilities.

    Image courtesy of BLOX

  • Aerial view of a water treatment plant expansion under construction


    Arcadis strengthens water system resilience with BIM

    When toxic algae fouled the water supply in Toledo, Ohio, Arcadis designed a more resilient water system to ensure safe water for the community.

    Image courtesy of Arcadis

  • Construction workers assemble multifamily homes


    Nontraditional workers thrive in good construction jobs at Factory_OS

    The company is building multifamily homes more affordably and sustainably while creating jobs for nontraditional construction workers.

    Image courtesy of Factory_OS

What people say about Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction technology

 Construction worker scans a tag on a cement mixer


BAM Ireland goes 95% digital, gains 25% more time to focus on high-risk items

“Autodesk construction solutions give us visibility on risk and a higher degree of focus. Insight is identifying the problems and constraints that now act as leading KPIs for BAM to identify hotspots, rather than relying on traditional construction intuition. We’re having less reactive conversations with more emphasis on KPIs that can drive continual improvement.”
— Michael Murphy, Digital Construction Operations Manager, BAM Ireland

Image courtesy of Royal BAM Group

Product Design & Manufacturing customer stories

  • Rendering of a room featuring Vecor's ceramic tile recycled from coal waste


    Vecor turns coal waste into durable, sustainable ceramic tile

    Manufacturer recycles fly ash from coal power plants into ceramic floor tiles—reducing water use by 85% and raw material inputs by 70% in the process.

    Image courtesy of Vecor

  • Odico's Drill Mate robot manufacturing a wind turbine


    Odico’s robot technology sparks innovation in the wind power industry

    Danish company brings robotic precision to wind turbine manufacturing, tripling productivity and enabling workers to build designs from a tablet.

    Image courtesy of Odico

  • Worker sews personal protective equipment in ISAIC's apparel manufacturing facility


    ISAIC takes on the worker gap in apparel manufacturing

    With a proprietary curriculum and factory for on-the-job learning, ISAIC is training skilled workers to help rebuild manufacturing in the US.

    Image courtesy of ISAIC

What people say about Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing technology

Rendering of an example of Hyundai's mobility vehicle, an ambulance climbing over rocky terrain


Hyundai Motor Group envisions the ultimate mobility vehicle with an assist from generative design

“Generative design helps the human mind expand the range of possibilities. With the help of generative design, a single designer or engineer can go through perhaps dozens or hundreds of different design iterations, so it enables them to see things that they may not have otherwise considered, and in tandem tackle complex problems. Which is to say that people still have a very important role to play in shaping the design direction. There will always be need for the human eye, the heart, and the soul as vital parts of the design process.”
— John Suh, Founding Director of the New Horizons Studio, Hyundai Motor Group

Image courtesy of Hyundai Motor Group

Media & Entertainment customer stories

  • Star Wars Millenium Falcon attraction at a Disneyland theme park


    Disney innovators create electrifying theme parks

    For Walt Disney Imagineering, BIM is the key to coordinating the design, fabrication, and installation of Disney parks and attractions.

    Image courtesy of the Walt Disney Company

  • Stop-motion animated Sasquatch from LAIKA’s adventure comedy film


    LAIKA’s films blend the physical and digital worlds

    Stop-motion animators are adopting advanced technologies to coordinate the complex production behind the magic of their captivating films.

    Image courtesy of LAIKA

  • Photo-realistic 3D rendering of a bedroom decorated with contemporary furniture


    CGI Furniture’s photo-real 3D models reduce production waste

    Global retailers use the design firm’s high-fidelity 3D renders of product models to make production more affordable and efficient.

    Image courtesy of CGI Furniture

What people say about Autodesk Media & Entertainment technology

Comparison of ape character designs rendered with Weta Koru and Autodesk Maya


Weta Digital combines powerful VFX technology with Autodesk Maya’s platform in the cloud

“(Weta Digital’s new Software-as-a-Service offering) WetaM will raise the bar for global creative production, redefining the industry in the process. At its core, this partnership with Autodesk will extend the reach of the Weta magic, making it more accessible for artists in pursuit of creating amazing characters and worlds across film and television.”
— Prem Akkaraju, CEO of Weta Digital.

Image comparing Weta Koru (top) with Maya courtesy of Weta Digital

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