Experience the entire product development process in action

See how you can take an idea from concept to product with Fusion 360.

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Learn about the Factory

The factory is a hands-on experience where attendees get a kit of parts and assemble a manufactured device to take home.

Learn about concept, prototyping, and manufacturing with Autodesk software, and walk away with an electronic device that you made with your own two hands.

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Agile Product Development

Agile is an iterative product development method focused on designing for a rapidly changing environment; using short design sprints to get a Minimum Viable Product into the hands of your target audience, while collecting useful feedback.

  • Sprint 1

    Sprint 1 focused on encapsulating a first pass at all the aspects of our vision into a tangible object. We made decisions on functionality, number of parts, difficulty of assembly, and the feel of the device.

  • Sprint 2

    Using the feedback from Sprint 1 to simplify the assembly process, we made the device thinner, and tested out ways of connecting 2 devices. We chose and stockpiled microchips and connectors this sprint.

  • Sprint 3

    We finalized form factor decisions based on electronics concerns, explored accessories, and made decisions on injection molding rules. We chose and stockpiled screens, batteries, and other electronic components.

  • Sprint 4

    Crucial decisions were concluded, such as device size, material choice, and the addition of a 3D printed a lanyard attachment device. Customer feedback informed assembly instructions and tool / material purchases.

Open in Fusion 360

See how Fusion 360 was used to design each of the parts within the electronic name badge. Open in product to make an iteration of your own!

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Open in Fusion 360 Electronics

See how Fusion 360 Electronics was used for schematic design and PCB board layout, and integrated with Fusion 360 for fit test. Add to the design and make your own innovation!

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Expand your 3D design capabilities in Fusion 360

Fusion 360 Product Design Extension

Automate and simplify the design of features natively aware of the manufacturing process.

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