Experience the entire product development process in action

See how you can take an idea from concept to product with Autodesk Fusion.

Introducing the Autodesk Keypad

Based on the Adafruit Macropad, this customizable keypad is the perfect companion for any Autodesk app – featuring 12 keys, a digital encoder, and an OLED display.

Learn more and open in Autodesk Fusion

See the design process

See how Autodesk Fusion was used to design the Keypad. Open in product to make an iteration of your own.


Explore the electronics

See how electronics in Autodesk Fusion was used for schematic design and PCB board layout, and integrated with Fusion for fit test. Add to the design and make your own innovation.


Learn about the Factory

Learn about concept, prototyping, and manufacturing with Autodesk software, and walk away with an electronic device that you made with your own two hands.


Customize your programming

Program your keypad to work for you. Choose from popular commands from your favorite Autodesk products or create your own unique design.

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