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Fusion 360 is an accessible, proven solution that connects and empowers global design and engineering teams to innovate, aspire, and solve the problems of tomorrow, today. Trusted by millions to design, simulate, electrify, and manufacture their designs, Fusion 360 is a fully extensible cloud solution that bridges the gap between CAD and CAM operations to cover all your needs. Bring your team and stakeholders together on a single product design software platform.

Key benefits for designers:

  • Implementation is user-friendly and seamless
  • Comprehensive platform encompasses the entire product development cycle, from design to prototyping
  • Generative design capabilities deliver cost and material savings
  • Functionality can be expanded through Fusion 360 extensions
  • Unlimited cloud-based simulations promote enhanced design and workflow optimization
  • Preferred choice of numerous engineering schools and universities for training aspiring talent

Key benefits for engineers:

  • Offers effortless usability and seamless implementation
  • Boosts productivity and streamlines operations
  • Significantly reduces costs and lead time for fixtures, spare parts, and tools
  • Maximizes material efficiency through generative design
  • Minimizes waste and prevents overproduction
  • Is widely used in engineering schools and universities for talent development
  • Harnesses unlimited cloud-based simulations to enhance design and workflow optimization

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Get from design to manufacturing faster: Fusion 360 has complete, easy-to-use CAD and CAM workflows with hundreds of free post-processors. Fusion 360. From dream to done. See why over 1.2 million users switched to Fusion 360.

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Customer success stories

Discover how industry leaders are leveraging Fusion 360 to drive innovation and achieve remarkable results:

BBi Autosport

Pushing the boundaries of motorsports and 3D modeling

BBi Autosport explains how Fusion 360 enabled it to design the Hoonipigasus, “a car that can do nearly anything.”



Generative design seat frame with AI

For the future of comfortable car interiors, Toyota uses generative design to create a seat frame that is safe, lightweight, beautiful, and sustainable.


Nerc Engineering

Precision redefined

Discover how Nerc Engineering achieved unmatched precision and efficiency with Fusion 360, optimizing its design and manufacturing processes.


Nth Cycle

Nth Cycle

Precious metals recycling

Nth Cycle uses Fusion 360 to develop metal-isolating cells that produce a clean, cost-efficient supply chain of nickel and cobalt.


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