Water: Under Pressure

New thinking for the world’s oldest resource

“Water: Under Pressure” provides an overview of Asia’s water-related challenges and unique solutions for water productivity and community resilience.

Save People, Property and the Planet

Almost 500 million people in Asia still do not have access to basic water supplies.  And, with an estimated 2.5 billion people projected to live in the region’s urban areas by 2030, water demand will increase.  Disasters caused by climate change exacerbate the water security issue, making it an even more important, yet elusive, goal. Learn how Autodesk can help you address your water-related challenges.

Water technology with specialised expertise in the Asia-Pacific region

Learn more about our solutions for the region’s most challenging water issues.

  • Design drainage, including green/sustainable drainage(SuDS, WSuDS, LIDs)
  • Design and model sewerage and wastewater systems
  • Model catchments and watersheds, integrating rural, urban, and river, with 1D and 2D hydraulics, and industry-leading flood models
  • Model and optimise clean water distribution
  • Carry out live modelling, forecasting, and analytics, for better, more informed decision-making as events unfold
  • Manage and maintain water infrastructure assets effectively

Discover how our customers use our technology to solve their water challenges

Influencing the way we prepare for floods in Australia

In 2016 and 2018, devastating floods affected Tasmania, resulting in millions of dollars in damage and leaving communities recovering from significant losses.


Arcadis helps Hong Kong ensure security of service for extreme weather

Arcadis, known for their expertise in stormwater and wastewater management, was commissioned to support their client’s long-term resilience investment strategy.


Optimise pump maintenance to reduce costs and improve resilience

Wellington Water’s mission is to manage the drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater services of the council owners in Petone, Wellington, New Zealand.


Autodesk helps you protect every drop

Whether your needs are basic or complex, our comprehensive suite of software products can help you improve your water productivity, resilience and service to your customers and communities. Let us know how we can help.