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Digitally visualize and optimize your factory design

Digital Prototyping capabilities in Factory Design Suite enable you to efficiently design manufacturing layouts and evaluate what-if factory layout scenarios for equipment placement. 


Desktop Subscription gives you access to the latest updates and releases, 1-on-1 web support, priority support in the forums, a flexible licensing model, and more.
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Video: Work in an AutoCAD environment

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Use the AutoCAD built for layout design

  • Expedite designs with automated workflows
  • Continue building on AutoCAD skills
  • Generate in-sync 2D and 3D digital factory layouts

Save time with 1-click workflows

  • Speed design with a library of digital factory content
  • Easily search, modify, and reuse content
  • Publish your own frequently used assets to the cloud

Explore exclusive AutoCAD functionality

  • Analyze material flow directly in AutoCAD
  • Optimize machine utilization and energy consumption
  • Publish assets with multiple variants

Video: Visualize your digital factory layout

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Facility layout design for AutoCAD

  • Access a library of architectural elements
  • Design the whole manufacturing facility
  • Keep 2D and 3D data in sync

Visualize large facility layouts

  • Aggregate layouts and machinery
  • Combine data from various CAD systems
  • Create a digital factory model anyone can review

Use a laser scanner and detect clashes

  • Accurately record any configuration
  • Detect interferences easily
  • Reduce errors tied to manual workflows

Video: Create parametric assets for factory design

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Design large complex assemblies

  • Work with integrated simulation tools
  • Accelerate designs with automation tools
  • Share assets in the cloud

Create custom assets

  • Author and publish smart assets
  • Define landing surfaces and connectors
  • Keep 2D and 3D models in sync

Detect interferences early on

  • Use clash detection tools
  • Inspect, identify, and report interference
  • Integrate point cloud workflows

Video: Communicate digital factory design

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Win bids with interactive 3D presentations

  • Turn CAD data into compelling imagery
  • Improve the design review process
  • Explain your design to nontechnical stakeholders

Bid profitably and meet tight deadlines

  • Build 3D models from 2D drawings
  • Test multiple layout scenarios
  • Streamline projects using third-party CAD data

Communicate design intent

  • Demonstrate operation of layout designs
  • Produce cinematic-quality animations
  • Present your layout design in motion

See what your company can do

Video: Improve digital factory design efficiency

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Analyze for clashes and space restraints

  • Perform an analysis before you install any equipment
  • Minimize risks with clash detection tools
  • Simulate the installation sequence of equipment

Go lean by optimizing layouts early

  • Streamline manufacturing operations
  • Improve manufacturing flexibility
  • Analyze material flow and energy consumption

Maximize production lines

  • Find the most efficient footprint possible
  • Use modern workflows and point clouds
  • Integrate point cloud workflows

Video: Factory design that meets your customers' requirements

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Share assets with colleagues and clients

  • Create custom 3D content for factory layouts
  • Publish, share, and manage assets in the cloud
  • Protect intellectual property when sharing designs

Design equipment and machine line layouts

  • Use the industry’s best mechanical design tools
  • Save time with interoperable layout workflows
  • Create, modify, and reuse digital models of equipment

See your factory layout in action

  • Show how your designs integrate with the facility
  • Share assets online with your sales force—or the world
  • Develop convincing, interactive 3D material

Video: Deliver the best possible factory layout solution to customers

View video (2:46 min.)

Produce more compelling 3D sales tools

  • Help nontechnical stakeholders understand design intent
  • Impress clients with photorealistic visualizations
  • Enhance communication with a 3D environment

Streamline design of bidding proposals

  • Quickly iterate in a 3D visual layout environment
  • Accommodate changing customer requests
  • Transform the design process to win competitive bids

See your digital factory layout in action

  • Improve the factory design review process
  • Accelerate the presales design process
  • Bring designs to life to win business

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