PIX: industry-leading production management solution

Securely upload media files of a few megabytes to multiple gigabytes, and access and modify shared files anytime from anywhere.

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What is PIX?

PIX is a global collaboration and asset-sharing service for the film and entertainment industry. Contributors anywhere in the world can immediately see the latest progress on projects. PIX gives creators a unified toolset to manage even the most complex productions, enabling group video and voice review, written or drawn comments, and keeping all messaging within PIX. 

PIX Production Management Benefits

Collaborate faster, simpler and safer with PIX.

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Provide real-time view of progress on projects

For extended production teams that can't all be on set, PIX let's contributors view what’s happening the moment it happens. PIX puts all communication and project management in one place with the work in the middle. 


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Quickly share media and notes with all stakeholders

Built on cloud-based infrastructure, PIX intelligently optimizes data-processing and transfer by recognizing local bandwidth constraints, for efficient retrieval, upload and export of assets. 


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Seamlessly collaborate with all of your contributors

The PIX unified toolset means no more juggling multiple platforms and apps. Sessions enables group video and voice review, and Notes lets contributors write or draw comments, keeping all messaging within PIX.


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PIX Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Production Management?

Digital Production management is the process of sharing and collaborating on the digital assets of a film or video production. Generally, it involves uploading digital assets to a shared location; controlling access to that shared location; and providing a means for the extended production team contributors to provide comments.

What is virtual collaboration?

Virtual Collaboration is a new part of digital production management that enables contributors that aren't on set to participate in and influence the creative work of the on-set crew.

Which operating systems and platforms does PIX support?

You can use PIX on macOS, Windows, iOS, tvOS and via a web browser. For more details on this and other support information, go to https://help.pix.online.

Where can I get the latest PIX app?

You can always get the latest PIX app on our support site, https://help.pix.online. Specifically, here are instructions for where you can get the latest PIX app for the operating systems PIX supports: 

How do I access my projects?

Once you have been added to a PIX project, you can sign in to your project at https://project.pixsystem.com/web/#/login/
For more information on this, and other support information, be sure to visit our support site at https://help.pix.online.

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