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      Modeling software for molds, tools, and complex parts

      Fusion 360 with PowerShape® helps manufacturers import, fix, and prepare complex models for CNC machining. Use it as a modeling companion to get more from PowerMill CAM software.

      Modeling for manufacture

      • CAM modeling companion

        Create CAM-specific geometry and use with PowerMill for enhanced control of your CNC machines. (video: 2:25 min.)

      • Import, analyze, and repair

        Analyze imported CAD models to identify and fix faults that could complicate downstream processes. (video: 2:12 min.)

      • Tolerant solid modeling

        Convert imported CAD designs into models ready for CAM programming–even if the model is faulty. (video: 1:34 min.)

      • Flexible surface modeling

        Produce the most complex geometry using powerful surface creation and manipulation tools. (video: 1:56 min.)

      • Direct modeling

        Make major changes quickly to imported solid models without the need for a solid history. (video: 2:13 min.)

      • Shared views

        (Subscription only)

        Share 3D views of model data with stakeholders. View anywhere, anytime on cloud-connected devices. (video: 2:18 min.)

      • Autodesk Drive

        (Subscription only)

        Save model data to Autodesk Drive, a personal cloud site. Organize data and let team members review and collaborate.

      • Ribbon interface

        Improved user experience with enriched tooltips. Quickly access common commands and discover unused features.

      • Accessibility shading

        Check the machinability of complex parts. Identify undercut features that require 3+2 or 5-axis machining.

      • Sketch with parameters

        Use parameters and mathematical expressions to construct 2D sketches and solid models.

      • Extend primitives

        Extend the edges of primitive surfaces or solids with a single command dynamically or by a user-defined distance.

      • GUI customization

        Customize the PowerShape interface to add shortcuts to the quick access toolbar and ribbon interface.

      • Lightweight holes

        Identify additional hole features found in complex models imported without a solid modeling history.

      • Cage morphing

        Use a 3D control cage to distort the size and shape of surface, solid, and mesh models.

      • Assembly modeling

        Define libraries of component and form complex assemblies using drag-and-drop attachment points.

      • Nesting

        Automatically nest groups of wireframe geometry into pre-defined outer boundaries.

      • Curve wrapping/unwrapping

        Wrap curves onto 3D surface and sold models. Unwrap 3D curves to produce 2D outlines for trimming applications.

      • Every CAD support

        Import neutral and third-party files from mainstream CAD systems into PowerShape.

      Mold, tool, and die

      • Core and cavity splitting

        Split models into core and cavity halves, including parting surfaces, sliders, and shut-out faces. (video: 2:06 min.)

      • Electrode wizard

        Automate electrode design for EDM. Add clearance, extensions, holder geometry, and spark gaps. (video: 2:12 min.)

      • Rib capping

        Avoid damaging cutting tools by preventing access to slots that will be produced with EDM. (video: 1:27 min.)

      • Complex electrode modeling

        Combine Direct Modeling tools with the PowerShape electrode wizard to create complex electrodes with vector burning.

      • Multi-impression electrodes

        Burn multiple EDM features with a single roughing and finishing electrode for improved productivity.

      • Automated electrode machining

        Connect with PowerMill and apply user-defined machining templates to families of electrodes for automatic CAM programming.

      • Integrated electrode inspection

        Connect with PowerInspect to validate the size and position of the electrode during CNC machining and subsequent EDM.

      • Connect your EDM hardware

        Interface with shop-floor hardware to automate the EDM process and avoid human setup errors.

      • Replace solid face

        Replace faces on solid models with a single command, and reduce the time needed to incorporate design changes.

      • Solid from text

        Create multiple 3D solid extrusions using 2D text. Combine with TrueType fonts to simplify text additions to models.

      • Specialist press-die surfaces

        Simplify the creation of highly complex addendum and parting surfaces, used in the design of press tools.

      • Mold-base design

        Use built-in catalogs to complete the mold-base design. Add sliding cores, lifters, mold locks, and cooling circuits.

      Reverse engineering

      • Import scan data

        PowerShape integrates with scanning devices to capture complex parts and convert into 3D models. (video: 2:13 min.)

      • Video: Remove overlapping regions or fill gaps with tangential triangles to repair parts with Mesh Doctor

        Mesh Doctor

        Find and fix common faults seen in imported STL meshes to avoid potential issues downstream. (video: 47 sec.)

      • Reverse engineering

        Use reverse engineering tools to convert STL meshes into wireframe, surfaces, and solid models. (video: 2:23 min.)

      • Mesh alignment

        Accurately align meshes automatically with other triangle models, surfaces, or solids.

      • Mesh outline curve

        Produce a 3D curve representing the outline of STL meshes and use to assist with surface and solid modeling.

      • Mesh modeling

        Access tools to manipulate large STL meshes. Fix gaps, smooth regions, and combine with surface and solid data.

      • Interactive triangle modeling

        Interactively sketch triangles to close complex holes found in STL meshes.

      • Morphing compensation

        Use morphing to counter the effects of gravity and stress relief on parts, reducing quality-related concessions.

      • Adding textures

        Add logos and badges to your 3D model. Wrap repeating patterns of textures onto entire models or localized regions.

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