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Tracking and traceability:
The questions you ask, answered

Do you have confidence in tracking every step of your production process, from order received to shipping? Get quick, accurate, and real-time tracking and traceability with Autodesk Fusion Operations.

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Leave paper behind and get ready for the future

Elevate your production as a manager, with Autodesk Fusion Operations' tracking and traceability capabilities. Embrace digitalization for real-time insights and unmatched efficiency. Learn from our webinars and don't let outdated tools hold you back.

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Plan for uncertainty

Maintaining an efficient production schedule with the ever-changing market demands can be daunting. Autodesk Fusion Operations, our state-of-the-art cloud-based MES solution, brings flexibility to your resource management. This allows you to adjust your production schedules based on real-time demand insights, ensuring you're always a step ahead.



Know your inventory

With Autodesk Fusion Operations's cloud-based MES system, gain real-time visibility of materials throughout your production process. Ensure your inventory records are always accurate, reducing discrepancies and the associated costs.


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Boost your OEE

With Autodesk Fusion Operations, gain unparalleled visibility into every facet of your production process. Identify bottlenecks in real-time and address them promptly, optimizing your Overall Equipment Effectiveness and ensuring peak production efficiency.


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Prepare for the future

The factory of the future is here, and it's digital. Imagine having the power to monitor your shop floor activities, track production schedules, and manage inventory—all at your fingertips. No more guesswork, no more delays. Start doing it now with Autodesk Fusion Operations.


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See how an MES can help with tracking and tracing

The simple-to-implement process monitoring of Autodesk Fusion Operations gives production teams the data they need to efficiently manage their manufacturing facilities. Real time visibility into resource management, worker and machine availability, and finished-product traceability provides opportunity to improve capacity, reduce waste, and master order management.

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So, what exactly can Autodesk Fusion Operations do for me?

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Productivity optimization and resource availability

Fusion Operations reveals your production process, illuminating bottlenecks, optimizing workflows, and eradicating inefficiencies. With detailed insights on cycle times, lead times, and throughput, continuous improvements are made possible. Keep a close eye on resource utilization, including equipment, machinery, and labor, in order to minimize downtime, spot capacity constraints, and optimize allocation.

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Job status and finished goods traceability

With Fusion Operations, gain full visibility of your products throughout the production process. Be in control and steer production progress, optimize flow, and prevent potential delays. Track the journey of your finished goods from production to distribution and swiftly locate and take action when necessary with unique product identifiers.

Image of a laptop with Autodesk Prodsmart's dashboard showing OEE charts

Operational control and data reporting

Transform raw data into actionable insights with Fusion Operations. Analyze production processes, streamline operations, and implement lean manufacturing principles. Gain command over the clock by identifying bottlenecks, optimizing production schedules, and ensuring smoother coordination for timely order completion. Fusion Operations goes beyond numbers, providing visual data insights. Understand your data, monitor KPIs, track progress, and make data-driven decisions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a software solution to automate and digitize manufacturing processes. Manage, monitor, and track the transformation of raw materials into finished products in real-time. Gain insight into manufacturing operations to see how to improve performance, lower costs and increase production efficiency.

Can MES and ERP systems work together?

Fusion Operations brings together MES and ERP capabilities, consolidating the number of tools used, streamlining your workflow to require fewer tools, and enabling communication of relevant information back and forth.


Who are the primary users of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)?

Fusion Operations is a multi-capable tool, used by operations managers, production managers, schedulers, packaging specialists, fulfillment operators, QA teams, and shop floor fabricators.