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Viewing 1D simulation results with long sections

Use the Long Setion window to view simulation results.

Tutorial resources

These downloadable resources will be used to complete this tutorial:


Step-by-step guide

Long Sections are useful for reviewing results of a simulation. The Long Section window displays a cross-section of network objects through the length of a selected run. When viewing simulation results in a Long Section window, the view can be further enhanced by displaying additional information along with the default water level and total head.

To complete this exercise, copy the data out of the transportable database .icmt file for this tutorial.

  1. From the Model Group, double-click the Design Run simulation to open the run in the GeoPlan.
  2. Drag the 1D Results theme object onto the GeoPlan, to see the previously defined themes in the Long Section window being created.

The Explorer window with the Design Run (M5-60) simulation and the 1D Results theme object highlighted.

  1. Click the Find in GeoPlan tool.
  2. Perform a Quick Find for outfall node TF91299305.
  3. On the GeoPlan Tools toolbar, click the Long Section pick tool.

In the GeoPlan Tools toolbar, the Long Section pick tool is highlighted.

  1. On the GeoPlan, click the upstream link that connects to the selected node.

The Long Section window opens with the results of the four selected links, traveling upstream and ending at the junction.

The Long Section window with the results of the four selected links.

  1. Hold the CTRL key and on the GeoPlan, pick individual links to add.
  2. Use the Replay Control toolbar to play or step forward through the simulation, to see how the rainfall causes flooding and surcharge through the selected nodes.

To modify the orientation, colors, and fill of the section:

  1. Right-click the Long Section window and select Properties.

The Long Section Properties dialog box.

  1. In the Section Properties dialog box, on the Content tab, click Field Settings.
  2. In the Network Label Field Settings dialog box, select Node.
  3. In the list of fields on the right, enable Ground level and Flood depth.
  4. Select the Conduit object.
  5. In the field list, enable DS flow and DS velocity.

The Network Label Field Settings dialog box with the Conduit object type selected, and in the field list, DS flow and DS velocity enabled.

  1. Click OK twice to exit the two windows.

These fields update dynamically when using the play or step forward Replay Controls.

  1. Right click the Long Section window again.

The Long Section shortcut menu, with options to create from selections, export to AutoCAD DWG, and open object grid windows.

This displays the long section tools, which can also be selected from the Section menu. Use these tools to quickly create from selections, export to AutoCAD DWG, and open object grid windows.