• InfoWorks ICM

Upgrading ICM and database compatibility

As an administrator, you will be able to identify ICM versions and maintain database compatibility.

When managing ICM, it is important to understand version numbering, especially if data is shared internally or externally.

Each release has a product version number denoting the major version year {2024}, followed by the minor version, and, in some cases, a final patch number.

A presentation slide with information on InfoWorks ICM version numbers.

There is a separate build number. The first number is the major version, the next number is the minor version, and the last is a patch number. This version number is available in the About dialog box.

From version 2023, ICM databases have been made backwards compatible. It is not possible to connect ICM to a database that is newer than the version of ICM.

Cloud capabilities, including databases and simulations, are only available from version 2024 onwards.

For those managing distributed simulation environments, the remote agent and the client version must match exactly. To ensure consistency of results, administrators should manage deployments so that agents and clients update at the same time.