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Creating a flood section window

Create a flood section window.

Tutorial resources

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Step-by-step guide

Once a set of results and a ground model are loaded onto the GeoPlan, a flood section window can be created.

This cross section view displays the ground level, which ICM interpolates from the ground model; and water levels, which ICM calculates from the water surface generated in river reaches, storage areas, and 2D meshes.

  1. From the File menu, select Open > Open transportable database.
  2. Navigate to and select the .icmt file.
  3. Click Open.
  4. If a popup displays about opening the database as read-only, click Yes.
  5. Right-click the top-level folder and select Copy.
  6. In the popup, click Continue.
  7. In the Explorer window, right-click the Database and select Paste (with children).
  8. In the Copying popup, enable Copy simulation results.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. For this example, open 2D Dam Breach on the GeoPlan, to ensure the model opens with the simulation results applied.

To use the Section View tool, the ground model must be loaded:

  1. From the Explorer window, drag 2D Ground Model and drop it onto the GeoPlan.

To create a flood section window:

  1. In the GeoPlan Tools toolbar, select the New Section View tool.

In the InfoWorks ICM interface, the 2D river model and 2D ground model open on the GeoPlan, and in the GeoPlan Tools toolbar, the New Section View tool selected and called out with a red arrow.

  1. Use the mouse to adjust the view of the 2D River Model, to make the end where the water flows in visible.
  2. On the GeoPlan, click near the inflow boundary.

The 2D river model, zoomed and adjusted to make the end where the water flows in visible, with the mouse cursor clicking near the inflow boundary.

  1. Draw a segmented line in the direction of flow, clicking three more times to extend the line.

The 2D river model with a segmented line drawn from the inflow boundary to an end point near the dam, with the line outlined in red.

A section window is created and displays the ground level and water levels. The water level appears as steps due to calculations made by ICM. The progress bar or the Replay Control toolbar can be used to view the water levels at different times in the simulation. For example, at around the 00:23:00 point, notice that a bit of a pool is forming at the small ridge:

In a flood section window displaying ground levels as a solid area and water levels as a stepped line, a red rectangle highlights the pool forming at the ridge, and the progress bar shows the simulation at 23:00; with the Replay Control toolbar highlighted in the ICM interface.

By 00:28:00, it starts to fill up behind the ridge:

In a flood section window displaying ground levels and water levels, a red rectangle highlights the area behind the ridge starting to fill up, and the progress bar is highlighted to show the simulation paused at 28:00.

  1. Optional: To export a flood section window to AutoCAD, right-click the window and select Export to AutoCAD DWG.
  2. To close the section window, right-click the 2D River Model flood section tab and select Close tab.