• InfoWorks ICM

Understanding InfoWorks ICM Licensing

As an administrator, you will understand the different ICM components and the licensing requirements.

When you install InfoWorks ICM, it installs the user interface, which is used to create, access, and manage data, and the Agent Manager Service, which manages simulations. Both components require licensing. The Workgroup Data Server (WDS), which does not require a license to run, can be installed on a user’s machine to manage databases locally, or on a centralized server for workgroup functionality.

There are two separate licensing versions of InfoWorks ICM. The Ultimate license provides access to all InfoWorks ICM features. The Standard license, intended for single users on a standalone machine, has a few restrictions. For an up-to-date set of restrictions, please see the “Autodesk Licences” Help pages.

You can view the type of license you are using in the InfoWorks About dialog. The license number is displayed in the Additional Information window. Access to your Autodesk license is required when running simulations.

The Autodesk Account menu allows you to view purchase options, manage your license, change privacy settings, sign out, and quit the software. For further questions, please contact Autodesk Support.