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Running a 2D simulation

Run a 2D simulation on the network and view the 2D-specific Run settings.

Tutorial resources

These downloadable resources will be used to complete this tutorial:


Step-by-step guide

A 2D simulation is automatically run when a simulation is carried out on a network that contains at least one 2D zone. This example runs a simulation on a simple network with a 2D mesh and a 2D base linear structure.

  1. From the File menu, select Open > Open transportable database.
  2. Navigate to and select the .icmt file.
  3. Click Open.
  4. If a popup about opening the database as read-only, click Yes.
  5. In the transportable database window, right-click the top-level folder and select Copy.
  6. Right-click the Database and select Paste.
  7. In the Copying popup, enable Copy ground models.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. From the Database, right-click the Model Group and select New InfoWorks > Run.

In the InfoWorks ICM interface, the Model Group shortcut menu with New InfoWorks selected, and in the flyout, Run selected.

A 1D or 2D simulation uses the same Run setup dialog box, but in the case of a 2D simulation, 2D parameters can be used to refine the 2D settings.

  1. In the Run dialog box, set the Run title to “2D Dam Breach”.
  2. From the Database, drag 2D River Model and drop it into the Model network group box.
  3. Drag 2D inflow and drop it into the Inflow group box.
  4. Set the Results timestep multiplier to 1.
  5. Set the Duration to 2 hours.
  6. Click 2D parameters.

The Run dialog box, with options configured for this example, and 2D parameters selected.

  1. In the 2D Parameters dialog box, cycle through the tabs to view 2D-specific run settings.
  2. Open the GPU tab.
  3. Under Use GPU card for 2D calculations, make sure that If suitable card is available is selected.

In the 2D Parameters dialog box, the GPU tab, with If suitable card available selected.

GPU cards can be used to accelerate the 2D calculation speed. A message is displayed in the log if a suitable GPU card is not found.

  1. Click OK to close the 2D Parameters dialog box.
  2. In the Run dialog box, click Run simulations.
  3. In the Schedule Job(s) popup, click OK.

The Schedule Job(s) dialog box for the configured simulation, with OK selected.

  1. From the Window menu, select Job control window to display the status of scheduled simulation jobs.
  2. In the Job Control window, select the simulation.
  3. Click the View and control progress button to open the Job Progress window.

The Job Control window, with the simulation job listed in blue, and the View and control progress button being selected.

Notice that the 2D part of the job progress is active. This simulation should finish quickly, as large 2D elements are being used, and the majority of these are dry during the simulation.

On the GeoPlan, the open simulation results; to the left, the open Job Progress window; and below the GeoPlan, the Job Control window, with the row for the completed simulation now green.