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Viewing 1D simulation results

Use various methods to view and manage simulation results.

Tutorial resources

These downloadable resources will be used to complete this tutorial:


Step-by-step guide

Once a simulation has been run, there are several ways to view and work with the results. To complete this exercise, copy the data out of the transportable database .icmt file for this tutorial.

To view simulation results:

  1. In the Database, expand the Design Run and the TSR Run objects.
  2. Right-click either of the simulation icons and select Open As.

The Select Results dialog box offers different ways to view simulation results.

  1. Click Log results (text).

In the ICM Select Results dialog box, a list of options to view simulation results, with Log results (text) selected.

  1. Click OK.

The log report contains information on the input data for the simulation and the performance of the simulation.

The log results window with an example of a text-based simulation log report.

  1. Scroll through the report to see an overview of the run parameters, timestep information, warnings or error messages, and details of non-convergence.
  2. Close the log report window.
  3. Right-click the simulation again and select Open As.
  4. In the Select Results dialog box, choose PRN summary results (text).

The select Results dialog box with ‘PRN’ summary results (text) selected.

The PRN report contains an overview of network results and a summary of the maximum results for nodes and links.

The PRN results window with an example of a text-based simulation PRN report.

  1. Close the PRN results window.

Another way to manage simulation results is with the Results Manager.

  1. Right-click the 1D Sewer Model group and select Open results manager.

The Results management window provides a summary of the results under the model group, including the ID, simulation results size, and location.

The Results management window displaying a summary of simulation results in grid format.

This information can be useful to estimate storage needs for a full set of results, to understand why a simulation result cannot be viewed, or to identify simulation results associated with runs.

  1. Right-click anywhere in the grid to display a shortcut menu.

The Results management window, with the shortcut menu expanded.

This menu provides options to move, delete, or re-run simulations— for a selection or individual rows.

To find locally saved simulation result files:

  1. From the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. In the Options dialog box, on the Local Folders tab, expand the drop-down and select Results Folder.
  3. Click Open the folder for this database with Windows Explorer.

In the Options dialog box, Local Folders tab, the Results folder selected and highlighted, and the Open the folder for this database with Windows Explorer option highlighted.

NOTE: These files are unique to the ICM database and should not be manually edited or deleted. This process should always be undertaken through the ICM user interface.

The primary way to view and replay time-varying simulation results is by opening the simulation in the GeoPlan.

  1. From the Model Group, drag the Design Run simulation and drop it into the GeoPlan to open it.
  2. OR, double-click the Design Run simulation.
  3. In the GeoPlan Tools toolbar, click the Properties icon.
  4. Select a node to open the Properties window.

In the GeoPlan Tools toolbar, the Properties icon highlighted, and in the GeoPlan, a node being selected to open the Properties window.

  1. In the Properties window, click the Show Results icon to toggle between the object properties and results.

The Properties window with the Show Results icon selected and called out.

Note that maxima results are always displayed for each object. These differ slightly from the time-varying results unless the maxima occurred exactly at a recorded timestep.

You can use the Replay Control toolbar to explore values at different timesteps.

The Replay Control toolbar, which includes options to view and replay time-varying simulation results, highlighted in red.

  1. Click the Replay options button to open the Replay Options dialog box, where the period and speed of replay can be adjusted to suit the results.

The Replay Options dialog box, where a slider is being used to select the time of the results.

  1. Click OK.