Genuine Autodesk

License Compliance

Top reasons to make genuine software a priority

Using genuine software and following established software asset management (SAM) practices are important for all businesses and organizations.

  • 1. Reduce risks

    When you or your company effectively manage your software licenses, you lower the chances of having nonvalid software which is more likely to contain malware. Nonvalid software also may have been manipulated by “hackers” or “pirates” thereby compromising your work.

  • 2. Save time and money

    Effective software management can reduce the time spent and potential costs associated with licensing issues.

  • 3. Stay safe

    Effective software asset management programs ensure you do not download nonvalid software from unauthorized sources.

  • 4. Get support

    Using only genuine Autodesk software means guaranteed access to technical support. Most companies do not offer technical support for nonvalid software.

  • 5. Improve productivity

    Genuine software works as expected. Plus, you have access to user manuals and reference materials that enable you to be more productive.

  • 6. Maintain your reputation

    Instill confidence and put you and your business partners at ease. If you’re contracting or subcontracting on a project, your partner will expect you to follow the law, and may include use of genuine software as part of a contractual obligation.

  • 7. Stay informed

    Using only genuine software means you get the latest updates and information from Autodesk.

  • 8. Meet your legal obligations

    Using nonvalid software can lead to legal claims against you, your company, and in some cases against customers of your company.