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Construction workers look at a tablet in front of a building with a digital overlay of the building design.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Woman examines a product design on a computer screen.

Product Design & Manufacturing

Man viewing VFX shot of a galaxy on computer screens.

Media & Entertainment

Architecture, Engineering & Construction customer stories


Bird Paradise in Singapore puts nature first with advanced design

See how Obayashi built a complex Bird Paradise in Singapore using a “nature-first” approach and advanced tech like BIM and digital twins.


Lake|Flato transforms a historic building into a dream office with adaptive reuse

Sustainable architects evolved a 100-year-old auto showroom into a future-focused headquarters designed for sustainability and occupant well-being.


Skanska uses cloud collaboration to drive progress in Oslo’s urban renewal

Cloud-based collaboration technology helped Skanska and partners find common ground on one of Europe’s biggest urban renewal projects.

What people say about Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction technology

Person in construction hat viewing a tablet

Image courtesy of Royal BAM Group

BAM Ireland goes 95% digital, gains 25% more time to focus on high-risk items

“Autodesk construction solutions give us visibility on risk and a higher degree of focus. Insight is identifying the problems and constraints that now act as leading KPIs for BAM to identify hotspots, rather than relying on traditional construction intuition. We’re having less reactive conversations with more emphasis on KPIs that can drive continual improvement.”

— Michael Murphy, Digital Construction Operations Manager, BAM Ireland

Product Design & Manufacturing customer stories


VisiConsult drives innovation with AI and digital twins in manufacturing

A leading manufacturer of industrial X-ray systems uses digital twins in manufacturing, AI, and cloud collaboration to transform this family-run company.

Emerging Tech

Meet the “Techno-Tort,” a robotic warrior for desert tortoise conservation

Hardshell Labs advances desert tortoise conservation efforts by duping one of its biggest predators—ravens—using 3D-printing.


How Heirloom’s carbon-capture technology safely removes CO2

Climate tech start-up's carbon capture facilities aim to remove 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year by 2035.

What people say about Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing technology

Rendering of a futuristic mobility vehicle

Image courtesy of Hyundai Motor Group

Hyundai Motor Group envisions the ultimate mobility vehicle with an assist from generative design

“Generative design helps the human mind expand the range of possibilities. With the help of generative design, a single designer or engineer can go through perhaps dozens or hundreds of different design iterations, so it enables them to see things that they may not have otherwise considered, and in tandem tackle complex problems. Which is to say that people still have a very important role to play in shaping the design direction. There will always be need for the human eye, the heart, and the soul as vital parts of the design process.”
— John Suh, Founding Director of the New Horizons Studio, Hyundai Motor Group

Media & Entertainment customer stories


Jellyfish Pictures brings the studio to a global team of VFX artists

Acclaimed VFX company invested early in cloud-based production to empower a global remote workforce and build a resilient business.


Amazon Studios uses cloud-based production on next-gen entertainment

A custom data pipeline and workflows in the cloud help Amazon Studios’ production teams deliver complex, large-scale film and TV productions.


An army of artists teams up in the cloud to animate a powerful anti-war story

A global team of volunteers formed a virtual animation studio to create an award-winning film about a child living through the chaos of war.

What people say about Autodesk Media & Entertainment technology

A rendering showing two rows of 12 gorillas rendered in Maya

Image comparing Weta Koru (top) with Maya courtesy of Weta Digital

Weta Digital combines powerful VFX technology with Autodesk Maya’s platform in the cloud

“(Weta Digital’s new Software-as-a-Service offering) WetaM will raise the bar for global creative production, redefining the industry in the process. At its core, this partnership with Autodesk will extend the reach of the Weta magic, making it more accessible for artists in pursuit of creating amazing characters and worlds across film and television.”
— Prem Akkaraju, CEO of Weta Digital.

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