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The Autodesk Expert Elite Program recognizes individual community members who have made extraordinary contributions with helping customers by sharing knowledge, providing community leadership, and exemplifying an engaging style of collaboration that drives a healthy and valuable Autodesk customer community. They share their enthusiasm for Autodesk with their community, as well as representing the voice of the customer back to Autodesk.

The goal of the Autodesk Expert Elite program is to empower them to better share their knowledge, assist their peers and support the Autodesk community.

Program Elements

The Autodesk Expert Elite term is a 12-month period.

  • New Expert Elites will be invited to join the program during one of the enrollment periods of either February or August.
  • Expert Elite membership can continue without the need for reenrollment every 12 months, subject to recurring contributions during the prior 12 months.
  • Expert Elites may be asked to help amplify Autodesk core messages.
  • Expert Elite members will be expected to maintain professional, supportive, and collaborative standards at all times when working with Autodesk, our customers and other Expert Elite members. Refer to Recognition Requirements for more details.
  • Expert Elites are discouraged from promoting or marketing products or services which, in Autodesk´s opinion, compete with Autodesk products or services. Expert Elites who engage in promotion or marketing of such products or services may be terminated from the Expert Elite Program at Autodesk’s sole discretion.
  • Autodesk employees, contractors, consultants, and interns are not eligible to participate in the Expert Elite program.
  • Expert Elite members are expected to adhere to any applicable terms of use or similar terms and conditions, including but not limited to Autodesk’s Website Terms of Use, and are further expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles enshrined in the Participant Guidelines.
  • As a member we expect recurring participation in the Expert Elite Lounge, here members are expected to update their profile, receive updates from Autodesk and also share insights and help grow the Expert Elite program.
  • Expert Elite status is granted and can be withdrawn at the sole discretion of Autodesk at any time.

Recognition requirements

Key characteristics of an Autodesk Expert Elite member include:

  • AdvocacyA brand advocate for Autodesk, and act as a fair and balanced representative.
  • ExpertiseHave a strong understanding of Autodesk and it’s related products
  • KindnessExemplify a supportive style helping others succeed in the use of Autodesk products
  • ResponsivenessRegular participation each month helping customers learn and use Autodesk products on Autodesk’s Communities, Autodesk Knowledge Network or through social channels and online sites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook & blogs)
  • LeadershipRepresent the spirit of the community and bring the voice of the customer back to Autodesk. Seek opportunities to innovate leaving a path for others to follow.

Entitlements and responsibilities

The program seeks to boost the influence of Autodesk Expert Elite members, both within the community and with their peers. As a recognized Expert Elite member you will receive a number of benefits during the program year. Not all Benefits are available to all members in all countries.

Expert Elite member benefits

  • Reputation

    • Community badge
    • Expert Elite Recognition Certificate
    • Program welcome gift
    • Video interview opportunities
    • Social recognition (Twitter and AutodeskHelp blog)
    • Discussion forum privileges e.g. mark or unmark accepted solutions
  • Access

    • Private Expert Elite community
    • Escalate community forum posts to Autodesk Technical Support (for most products)
    • Access to Autodesk speaker series
    • Expert Elite member monthly meetings
    • Interactions with Autodesk Product Designers or Managers
    • Access to Autodesk software products*