When larger than life calls,
be prepared

Craft cinematic magic with industry-trusted VFX tools that connect your workflows and seamlessly integrate into your pipeline

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Get ready for your next creative challenge with Autodesk tools used by top VFX studios

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Achieve more efficiency and creativity with industry-trusted tools

Autodesk solutions are industry-tested and designed for the most complex VFX pipelines. With decades of experience on the biggest VFX projects, Autodesk has been instrumental in creating spectacular entertainment experiences, from the groundbreaking Jurassic Park to this year's VFX Oscar contenders.

See how Autodesk, Marvel, and The Mill joined forces to create a transformative ad at scale on the Las Vegas landmark, Sphere, to promote an upcoming movie.

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When unknown worlds call, be ready with connected workflows

Autodesk's Design and Make Platform revolutionizes production pipelines by seamlessly connecting data across the entire workflow. Leveraging the power of the cloud and open standards, it enables unprecedented levels of collaboration and creativity between teams and studios. 

Learn how Untold Studios raised the visual bar with collaborative cloud workflows.

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Be ready for the next wonder of any world with seamless pipeline integration

Autodesk offers seamless pipeline integration for VFX studios, allowing them to scale workflows and optimize operations quickly. Our solutions easily integrate into existing pipelines, minimizing creative downtime. For instance, Maya is powerful out-of-the -box, supports third-party plug-ins, and can be customized to fit your specific pipeline needs.

Explore how Adrian Bobb, a 15+ year veteran 3D artist, leveraged Maya's seamless pipeline integration for his independent short, "The Fore-Men," enhancing the sci-fi horror experience.

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When the next opportunity arrives,
be ready to stand out with powerful VFX tools

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Content Creation Tool


  • Access intuitive modeling, powerful animation, and integrated rendering tools
  • Create detailed simulations from blazing explosions to complex snowstorms

Available as a monthly, yearly or 3-year subscription, or with 6 Flex tokens/day



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M&E Collection

  • Create sophisticated effects at scale with the ability to run Bifrost for Maya on 15 machines
  • Render your most complex VFX projects head-on with 5 Arnold licenses in the collection

Available as a monthly, yearly or 3-year subscription



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Production Management & Review Tool

Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid)

  • Manage and review every step of your production in the cloud
  • Optimize resources with project planning and scheduling capabilities

Available as a monthly, yearly or 3-year subscription



Get started with a free 30 day trial

Maya trial

3D Software for creating expansive worlds, complex characters, and dazzling effects.

Arnold trial

An advanced Monte Carlo ray tracing renderer that helps you deliver beautiful and predictable results.

Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) trial

Creative project management software and review tools for film, TV, and games.

Global teams harness Autodesk VFX tools to bring blockbuster-worthy cinematics to life

Fostering a balance between artists and technology in VFX

Discover how Artists Equity reimagines the relationship between talent, studio, and distributor, emphasizing the balance between people and technology for industry success.

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How Untold Studios delivers world-class VFX in the cloud

Learn how Untold Studio raises the visual bar with collaborative cloud workflows to optimize production processes across several blockbuster films and TV shows.

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DNEG on the on the VFX of "Thor: Ragnarok"

The rising popularity of superhero movies has brought new challenges to VFX studios. Double Negative shares their work on “Thor: Ragnarok”, the hurdles they faced, and how they tackled them.


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The future of production with Autodesk Flow

Flow will connect visual effects teams to a single source of truth for all assets, versions, and feedback. Harnessing the power of an open ecosystem and open standards, Flow will unify every tool in your pipeline, bringing data together seamlessly and accelerating project delivery. Artists no longer have to chase down files with access to everything they need to get started, including storyboards and production data, right in the tools they already use every day. Flow will enable artists to automate repetitive tasks so they can iterate quickly, innovate, and deliver their best work every time.

Visual effects resources for your studio

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Autodesk Media & Entertainment YouTube channel

Get exclusive learning content, industry insights, and behind-the-scenes access to a world of realistic 3D characters, exceptional effects, and expansive worlds.

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Maya Learning Channel

Access hundreds of Maya tutorials on this YouTube channel. Learn tips and tricks on modeling, animation, dynamics, fluid effects with Bifrost, USD, and more to help you master Maya.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in production

Learn about the rising possibilities and impacts of using AI and machine learning in VFX from the perspective of those making the tools and those using them in production.    

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