VisiConsult: The AI Revolution in Design & Manufacturing

VisiConsult: The AI Revolution in Design & Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming the next frontier of digital transformation. From automating processes to writing code and increasing productivity, the use cases for AI are as versatile as the companies that utilise them.


But it’s also one of the most hotly contested topics: how can companies in the D&M sector harness its power? Which processes lend themselves best to automation? How does it affect the job market, and what are the ethics and boundaries of using AI?


We discuss these topics with Lennart Schulenburg, CEO of VisiConsult.


Lennart Schulenburg, CEO, VisiConsult

Lennart earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Sciences from Hamburg University of Technology, where he laid the technical foundation for his successful career. He began his journey as a freelance software developer and joined VisiConsult in 2016 as a Sales and Marketing Manager, transitioning to Head of Sales and Marketing, and later to Commercial Director. Lennart's commitment to professional development led him to earn an Executive MBA (EMBA) from ESMT Berlin in 2020 and afterwards took over as CEO at VisiConsult.

In addition, Lennart joined the Board of Directors for SCHAUENBURG International GmbH and became a member of the Supervisory Board for Basler AG in 2022. As a technology enthusiast, he is a regular speaker at conferences and facilitates training for company leaders on how to navigate digital transformation and develop new business models.

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