A powerful team-up of creative forces

Autodesk and Marvel Studios’ The Marvels join together to push
creative boundaries using Autodesk's Design and Make software.

Group of Flerken cat characters from The Marvels 2023 film.

Autodesk and Marvel Studios' "The Marvels" join forces to test creative frontiers

By harnessing the power of Autodesk's Design and Make Platform, the boundaries of what is possible across intergalactic worlds are being shattered. From visual effects to 3D animation, Autodesk tools empower filmmakers and visual artists to push their limits to create the extraordinary.

Together, Autodesk and Marvel Studios' "The Marvels" are rewriting the rules, breaking boundaries, and inspiring generations to come.

Bringing the extraordinary to Las Vegas

With their expertise in VFX, the team at The Mill created a one-of-a-kind movie promo experience on Sphere in Las Vegas using Autodesk tools like Maya and Arnold.

Go behind-the-scenes to learn how the team at The Mill brought this unique experience to life.

sphere with cat image

Bringing the extraordinary to life

A movie as imaginative as Marvel Studios’ The Marvels deserves a Sphere video that is equally inventive.



Stretching creative boundaries

The Mill designed and made an out-of-this-world promo so intense, it can barely be contained.



Design and make anything

With Autodesk’s Design and Make Platform, you too can make anything that your imagination conjures.


"Autodesk is the largest part of our computer graphics pipeline."

- Tim Kafka, Head of Creative Operations, The Mill

Image courtesy of The Mill

Group of CG animators looking at rendering on Autodesk software
Image courtesy of The Mill

Marvel and Autodesk team up with The Mill

Meet the talented crew from The Mill, a world-renowned visual effects studio and Autodesk customer, who designed the stunning visual for the spot.


Live in Las Vegas

As the movie premieres in Las Vegas, Autodesk and Marvel Studios debut a mesmerizing promo celebrating the film, The Marvels.

Motion capture at the studios of Autodesk customer, Squeeze Animation Studios, in Montreal, Canada.

Fuel your animation journey with Autodesk software

With Autodesk’s Design and Make software, animation studios can grow their business, conquer workflow challenges and excel creatively.

The platform to make anything

Autodesk's Design and Make Platform offers three industry-specific clouds for managing your assets and workflows, creating a new era of working with cloud-connected data and collaboration.