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Discover an innovative approach to inventory management, by tracking and managing your inventory levels in real-time.

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Inventory Management with Fusion Operations

With the global supply landscape becoming increasingly more competitive and complex, effective inventory management is crucial.

Autodesk Fusion Operations's Inventory Management capabilities, offer a comprehensive solution, addressing the common challenges faced by businesses in managing their inventory.

Why Choose Autodesk Fusion Operations?

The end of overstocking

Overstocking ties up capital, increases storage costs, and risks inventory obsolescence. Autodesk Fusion Operations helps you with your inventory control and minimizes these risks, ensuring optimal stock levels that align with demand forecasts. This not only frees up capital but also enhances operational agility, preventing the costly pitfalls of excess inventory.

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Time and accuracy go together

Labor-intensive methods slow down operations, hinder real-time data accuracy, and can significantly impact decision-making. Autodesk Fusion Operations streamlines these processes, boosting efficiency and enhancing accuracy, providing a solid foundation for informed inventory decisions.

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All you need, when you need it

Finding specific products becomes a time-consuming task, disrupting workflow and productivity, and leading to inaccuracies in inventory levels. Efficient stock organization is essential to streamline operations, minimize search time, and maintain accurate inventory records, ensuring smooth and reliable business processes.

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Business grows, Fusion Operations adapts

Scalability in inventory management is key for growing businesses, ensuring you can handle increasing volumes and complexity, supporting expansion while maintaining efficiency. This adaptability is vital for integrating new products and markets seamlessly, fostering sustainable business growth.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a software solution to automate and digitize manufacturing processes. Manage, monitor, and track the transformation of raw materials into finished products in real-time. Gain insight into manufacturing operations to see how to improve performance, lower costs and increase production efficiency.

Can MES and ERP systems work together?

Autodesk Fusion Operations brings together MES and ERP capabilities, consolidating the number of tools used, streamlining your workflow to require fewer tools, and enabling communication of relevant information back and forth.

Who uses Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)?

Autodesk Fusion Operations is a multi-capable tool, used by manufacturing engineers, production managers, quality managers, fulfilment, and shop floor fabricators.