How IG Masonry Support Ltd Optimized Operations with Autodesk Fusion Operations

João Cruz João Cruz September 29, 2023

1 min read

IG Masonry Support Ltd is a UK-based company synonymous with innovative masonry support products. Its IG Brick Slip Feature Arches, for example, are prefabricated brick units that offer a lightweight, aesthetically pleasing structural solution in the construction space. However, while their products spoke volumes about their commitment to excellence, the firm struggled internally with optimizing operations and ensuring seamless production management. 

The company’s operational matrix was growing, and with growth came new challenges. Its once-efficient tracking processes had become a bottleneck, slowing down operations. Identifying production hiccups, a vital aspect for manufacturers was increasingly becoming an uphill battle. Add to this the complexity of managing a sprawling workforce and materials worth millions, and the challenges seemed insurmountable. Each project, with its unique requirements, only added layers to this intricate puzzle. 

Autodesk Fusion Operations appeared as the silver bullet for IG Masonry Support’s challenges. The MES solution, with its trifecta of planning, tracking, and adaptability tools, was the perfect fit. The software’s standout feature was its ability to metamorphose the tracking processes into a nimble and dependable automated system. Additionally, Autodesk Fusion Operations’s unique capability to grant restricted access to authorized operators drastically reduced errors. 

“Autodesk Fusion Operations has unveiled avenues for tackling challenges we were previously unaware of, saving us significant time and money.”

—James Pastre, Quality Manager, IG Masonry Support Ltd 

The implementation of Autodesk Fusion Operations was transformative for IG Masonry Support. Beyond streamlining operations, the software shed light on underlying issues that had previously gone unnoticed. By addressing these issues head-on, the team reaped tangible benefits, including substantial time and cost savings.  

Autodesk Fusion Operations’s adaptability turned the bespoke nature of IG Masonry Support’s projects from a challenge into a strategic advantage. In a sector where precision and efficiency are paramount, the company’s transformation underscores the importance of shop floor digitalization to long-term success. 

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