You might think the weather can’t get any worse. But what if you’re wrong?

Learn how you can predict storm, sewer and flood impact – and how to prevent loss of life and property.

Predict the impact of weather and climate conditions

We understand how difficult it is to measure, predict and prevent accurately the impact of any given event.

Guy with a bike in a flood

Weather impact shouldn't be a problem

The complex nature of weather patterns, lack of data, human factors, limited resources, and unforeseen circumstances make accurate flood forecasting and risk assessment a daunting task.


Effective flood risk assessment solutions are available.


Flood in country

Get there before it overflows

Rapid development, limited infrastructure, poor investment, lack of public awareness and patchwork regulatory frameworks all contribute to overflow problems in many Asia Pacific cities.


You can stay ahead of overflow events by carefully evaluating options for modelling and planning.


Flood in rural area

Assess climate behaviour to prevent issues

The behavior of stormwater, sewer, and flood systems is highly dependent on weather and climate conditions. These conditions can be highly variable, making it challenging to model and predict over time or in response to a specific storm.


You can conduct advanced hydrologic and hydraulic assessments.


Use catchment modelling software

It enables you to model complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements, and its capabilities for 1D and 2D modelling can help you build models that you can trust for planning, including all natural and constructed elements.


Go for data-driven decisions

With modelling and planning tools, today you can determine where bridges should be made higher, when to commence dam upgrades, and ensure towns and cities are better planned with the most intuitive and innovative technology.


Work with real time simulations

Advances in technology and innovation have created a space where well-adapted, robust, fast, compliant, scalable, and reliable models can now be created. Modelling software can remotely sense data to incorporate real-time weather and water level information.


water solutions e-book

Better, faster, easier: Solutions for Asia Pacific's most pressing water challenges

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Turn storm, sewer and flood problems into solutions

Model complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively for water and wastewater.

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