Moldflow Summit

This annual user conference inspires the Autodesk Moldflow community to share and discover new workflows for injection molding plastic simulation. 

Past Moldflow Summit Event Recordings

Moldflow Summit 2023

The 2023 Moldflow Summit included 17 speakers, presenting 15 sessions with topics such as Fusion 360 injection molding simulation, shrinkage compensation, solver customization, and compression molding validation.

Moldflow Summit 2022

The 2022 Moldflow Summit included 27 speakers, presenting 17 sessions with topics such as current events (supply chain disruption), Fusion 360 & Moldflow workflows, solver customization, and practical automation implementation.

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Advanced Manufacturing Summit 2020

The 2020 Advanced Manufacturing Summit was our first fully-virtual user event, enabling us to connect with other manufacturing industry specialists who specialize in injection molding, additive manufacturing, and CNC machining.

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Advanced Manufacturing Summit 2019

The introduction of the Advanced Manufacturing Summit in 2018 has provided industry tracks showcasing a more complete look at manufacturing technology at Autodesk. 

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Moldflow Summit 2018

The 2018 Moldflow Summit included over 20 sessions throughout the 3-day conference in Troy, MI (USA). These sessions range between warpage, conformal cooling, and induction heating. 

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Moldflow Summit 2017

The 2017 Moldflow Summit in Troy, MI (USA), included several technical talks and use-cases of Moldflow's injection molding simulation such as optimizing product design and advanced material processes. 

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Watch the 2024 Moldflow Summit recordings

The 2024 Moldflow Summit included 16 sessions with topics such as sustainable design and material choosing, deep dives into process optimization, and practical automation implementation. 

Some of the sessions included are: 

  • Moldflow Summit 2024 Keynote  |  Zoe Bezpalko, Autodesk
  • What's New in Moldflow 2024  |  Hanno Van Raalte, Autodesk
  • Shrinkage adjusted constraints: Volvo's solution to warpage challenges  |  Marcus Hansson, Volvo Cars & Louis Barnes, Autodesk
  • Integrative process and structure simulation for sustainable bio PA56  |  Julian Heinisch, LG Chem
  • Twino: Streamlining inspection workflows for injection molding process validation  |  Akash Castelino, Twino, Inpro
  • Prototyping personalized bionic arms with customization and scale in mind  |  Albert Manero & John Sparkman, Limbitless Solutions

And many more...