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Case studies

See how your peers create 3D models

Learn how designers, architects, and engineers are using AutoCAD Design Suite to capture 3D models, create immersive renderings, and share 3D models with colleagues and clients.

View video (2:02 min.)

Get the right design tools: Morgan Motor Company

“With budget and resource and time constraints, we find that the Design Suite package gives us all the tools we need as designers.”

— John Wells, Morgan Motor Company

View video (1:16 min.)

Improve design workflow: Marcello Martino Design

Marcello Martino Design turns to the visual communication software in the AutoCAD Design Suite to accelerate its end-to-end design workflow. 

“The software in the AutoCAD Design Suite connects the stages in my design process easily and seamlessly. For instance, I shift designs between AutoCAD and Alias to refine and align surfaces with precise dimensions. It’s easy to go from one to the other to perfect the design.” 

— Marcello Martino, Creative Director and Principal, Marcello Martino Design

Translate innovative ideas: Gage / Clemenceau Architects

Gage / Clemenceau used AutoCAD Design Suite to create an original, multidisciplinary art installation in collaboration with renowned fashion designer Nicola Formichetti. 

— Mark Foster Gage, Founder and Principal, Gage / Clemenceau Architects 

Design sets and lighting: Scenographix

Scenographix expands its event and theater design power with AutoCAD Design Suite.

"We’ve used AutoCAD for design and 3ds Max Design for visualization for years, and we’ll keep using them. With licensing the AutoCAD Design Suite, we are excited to add 3D sculpting with Mudbox and surface design with Alias Design to our workflow." 

— Terrence McClellan, Principal, Scenographix