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Create accurate 3D models with reality capture

ReCap 360™ reality capture and 3D scanning software helps make building renovation, construction verification, and complex modeling projects more efficient.


Import, view, and convert real-world objects into point clouds for conceptual modeling. Work collaboratively to measure, tag, and annotate the model with project stakeholders.

ReCap 360 Pro does the heavy lifting for you. Your laser scans and photos are registered automatically, creating an accurate 3D model in just a few minutes. With less manual processing, you'll have more time to focus on other important parts of your business.

What’s new in ReCap 360 Pro?

Point cloud viewing & editing

Isolate objects in your project’s point cloud, and use cloud computing to create photo-textured 3D meshes.

Automatic scan registration

Turn your UAV capture projects into orthographic views, 3D point clouds, or photo-textured 3D meshes.

Intelligent cleanup service for your data

Use automatic scan-to-scan registration to fluently tie your scans together for editing or integration.

Why get Pro?

Capture as-built data of a construction site or renovation project with accuracy

Design with confidence and reduce costly rework

Use the latest reality capture technology to differentiate your firm and to help win more contracts

Expert advice and learning

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    Visit the wide range of self-paced learning materials to help you efficiently customize and master ReCap 360.

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ReCap 360 in the news

“Beyond virtually navigating the interior of the Command Module our goal is to use this 3D model as a storytelling tool for the National Air and Space Museum Curators and Conservators using our 3D viewer on”

— Smithsonian Science News

“The idea was that he would use point clouds to create a Revit model, and to 3D-print a small model for things like wind tunnel testing. Working with Autodesk, we were able to combine interior and exterior point clouds and get everything he needed.”

— cadalyst

“The goal was to combine LIDAR, sonar, aerial imaging, and existing photography and surveys to produce a survey-grade 3D model of the USS Arizona.”


ReCap 360 success stories

Bates Architecture

Saves time and cuts project cost by 50%

Using ReCap 360 Pro reality capture software and services, Bates Architecture completed major renovations at Mercy Hospital in Jefferson County, MO, in a short time frame and with a 50% reduction in cost.

Video (2:25 min.)