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Fast and accurate lighting analysis

Lighting Analysis for Revit is a fast cloud service that uses A360 Rendering to expose electric and solar lighting results directly on the Revit model. The results are validated against Radiance, a commonly used simulation tool, and displayed in-canvas more quickly. The service also offers automated daylighting analysis for LEED.

Lighting Analysis for Revit offers fast and easy solar analysis and daylight analysis

Overview video

Perform LEED lighting analysis in as little as 20 minutes, right within Revit. Watch overview video (2:23 min.)


Automated daylighting for LEED

Daylight analysis just got easier. We built this Revit extension so architects can generate valid analysis results without becoming specialists.

This automated feature enables more designers to investigate daylighting strategies and collaborate more effectively with lighting experts. Specify whether you want to analyze the whole building or single or multiple floors, and begin the analysis. The service supports LEED v3 IEQc8.1 and LEED v4 IEQ Daylight Credit, Option 2, and automatically generates the information you need for LEED compliance.
View video (2:22 min.)

Advanced electric and solar illuminance

Analyze how form and material affect electric and solar lighting performance. Run analyses in any Revit 3D view for almost any location, date, and sky condition.
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In-Revit results and navigation

Generate valid technical analysis results without leaving the design environment.

You can view and present results from the summary performance data and visualizations provided in-canvas and collaborate more seamlessly with specialists to make design decisions on the fly.
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Cloud runs yield fast results

Generate quality results up to 1,000 times faster. Most model simulations complete within 15 minutes.
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Validated lighting analysis results

A360 Rendering engine has been validated against Radiance outputs calibrated with measurement data from the actual space.
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Get help on the forum

BPA Forum offers best practices, validation methodologies, free courses, and resources to help you learn and master building performance analysis.

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Lighting Analysis for Revit offers fast and easy solar analysis and daylight analysis


Award-winning Architecture firm D/P/S was an early adopter of the new automated Daylighting for LEED feature. Learn how Lighting Analysis for Revit helps them improve designs and increase value for their clients.

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