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Total Carbon Data, Analysis, and Insights (2023)

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    In this session, you'll (re)join Autodesk Product Development and Impact team members, plus customers and partners, to learn about recent and future developments in total carbon data, analysis, and insights. This is a follow-up to our Autodesk University 2022 class of the same title (link below). It will provide an in-depth look at new capabilities from across the Autodesk ecosystem. Total Carbon Data, Analysis, and Insights (2022):

    Key Learnings

    • Update your knowledge on what total carbon is, why it matters, and how it can be analyzed as part of a more integrated BIM.
    • Learn about the latest developments in tools and workflows that provide total carbon analysis from Autodesk Forma to Revit, and more.
    • Discover new resources for learning and applying these tools and workflows from the earliest stages of design.
    • Hear from Autodesk customers who've been helping to shape the development and application of these tools and workflows.