Transition from drainage design spreadsheets to modeling software

Don't compromise on accuracy, comfort, or trust – learn why now is the time to ditch drainage design spreadsheets for intelligent drainage design software.

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How drainage design spreadsheets hold engineers back

While spreadsheets can be a powerful tool for drainage designs, the risk of mistakes, the lack of efficiency, and poor visualization options make them untenable for the future of drainage design.

Top reasons to ditch spreadsheets for drainage design software


Despite some assumptions that spreadsheets can be more trustworthy than software, 88% of spreadsheets contain at least one error. Don't put your reputation on the line.

Difficult navigability

Spreadsheets can be chaotic, hiding formulas, and presenting data with conventions that are not intuitive, making it harder to make necessary adjustments and increasing the opportunity for errors.

Poor visualization

Spreadsheets are incapable of visually presenting data, making client buy-in more difficult for drainage designs and impeding stakeholders' understanding of a given project.

Replace your spreadsheets with InfoDrainage

Achieve better, more sustainable drainage outcomes with the tools inside of InfoDrainage.

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Flexible Reporting

InfoDrainage makes generating reports quick and simple. With flexible reporting, you can expose all of the available inputs, outputs, simulation results, design results, calculated values, etc., all in one customizable table.


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Integrations with civil design

Quickly connect your site designs in Civil 3D with InfoDrainage through a convenient toolbar, going from civil design to hydraulic analysis and back in minutes, all the while making responsive design changes in each model.


Green infrastructure ebook

Green infrastructure

The days of oversizing infrastructure and fighting nature are over – InfoDrainage efficiently handles both traditional and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) ensuring you have the most efficient and sustainable designs.


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Try InfoDrainage free for 30 days

Why wait? Transitioning from spreadsheets is simpler than you might think. Try the next generation of drainage design today, completely free for 30 days. 

Supporting your transition from spreadsheets to InfoDrainage

Free training tools, tutorials, and integrations make the transition process quick and simple.

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Introduction to InfoDrainage: free learning series

This free training course focuses on pipe design, simulation, results analysis, and sustainable urban drainage.


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Technical hub

InfoDrainage Technical Information Hub

The InfoDrainage Technical Information portal serves as a hub for everything you need to know about InfoDrainage. 


fundamentals of drainage design


Fundamentals of drainage design

This short video provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle drainage design challenges.


Transform your drainage designs today

Design and audit drainage systems quickly, easily, and confidently.

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