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What is batch rendering

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What is batch rendering?

Batch rendering delivers an efficient approach to setting up a sequence of different tasks or scene states to render automatically. With batch rendering, you can continue working on a scene while it renders, launch renders remotely and render scenes faster.

using the Media & Entertainment Collection for batch rendering

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Using the Media & Entertainment Collection for batch rendering

Use the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection to gain more rendering capacity and bolster your animation workflows. The M&E Collection includes Cloud Rights for Maya, 3ds Max, and Arnold, allowing you to process compute-intensive tasks like rendering via multiple computers over the internet. With the collection, you can also choose to get a 5-pack of Arnold multi-user licenses, enabling you to boost rendering power and output more, high-quality renders.

Benefits of batch rendering

Craft quality renders while saving time and money using batch rendering in the Media & Entertainment Collection.


Streamlined production

Batch rendering allows you to quickly render multiple scenes with different rendering views or objects that may change between scenes. With batch rendering, you can still work on scenes while your work renders.


Increased efficiency

Batch rendering in the Media & Entertainment Collection delivers enhanced workflow efficiency, including the ability to set up a sequence of different tasks or scene states to render automatically.


Increased quality control

Get automatic updates on progress and warnings about rendering problems or conditions you might have overlooked while assigning rendering tasks.


Production at scale

Use computing resources in the cloud instead of your network resources for batch rendering. Cloud Rights allow you to scale software resourcing, so your teams can focus on tasks by minimizing compute-related interruptions.

media & Entertainment Collection

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Media & Entertainment Collection

The Media & Entertainment Collection is designed to be used across a spectrum of projects and delivers end-to-end support across your entire workflow. It includes both the Arnold 5-pack (if purchased through a reseller) and Cloud Rights, which allow you to take advantage of computing resources on the cloud to run batch instances of 3ds Max and Maya on individual or multiple computers over the internet.

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Batch rendering resources

Rendering Made Easy in Maya

Learn how to batch render a still or animation in three steps and how to access additional batch render options in Maya. 


Use the 3ds Max Batch Render Tool

See how easy it is to set up a sequence of different tasks or scene states to render automatically in 3ds Max.


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Batch rendering frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is cloud batch rendering supported by the M&E collection?

Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection subscribers gain Cloud Rights, which grant access to run remote batch functionality via multiple computers over the internet. They also get access to the Arnold 5-pack, enabling them to scale rendering output.

How will the M&E collection improve productivity for batch rendering?

The Media & Entertainment Collection delivers powerful batch rendering tools that allow you to render even the most complex projects quickly. Batch rendering also improves performance by reducing the cost of processing.

What different types of rendering methods are supported by the Autodesk collection?

The Media & Entertainment Collection supports several rendering methods including:

  • Interactive Photorealistic Rendering (IPR) so you can render and still see changes to a still image or a single frame of an animation as you make them.
  • Render View and Render Region to see what a still image or single frame of an animation (or a region of it) looks like as the render occurs.
  • Batch Render to render an animation or single frame and continue to work within Maya.
  • Command Line Renderer to further optimize rendering and render an image or series of images using any of the integrated Maya renderers.

What rendering engines are used by Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment Collection?

The Media & Entertainment Collection includes Arnold, an advanced Monte Carlo ray tracing renderer. If the collection is purchased through a reseller, subscribers will have access to the Arnold 5-pack.

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