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Simulation tools for plastic injection molding

Moldflow® software for plastic injection molding simulation helps reduce manufacturing defects. Access tools for injection mold design, plastic part design, and mold processing.

Moldflow Insight

Access a complete set of advanced plastics engineering simulation tools for analysts. Simulate the most advanced molding processes to avoid production delays.

  • Mesh to solve in one click

    Improve your productivity by meshing and analyzing your model in one step. (video: 1:30 min.)

  • Cloud analysis

    Run multiple analyses in the cloud without compromising your local resource capacity. (video: 1:51 min.)

    Cloud service

  • Direct geometry editing

    Edit properties like wall thickness or feature positions by editing CAD model directly within Moldflow. (video: 1:42 min.)

  • Fusion 360 for CAD repair

    Moldflow subscription’s inclusion of Fusion 360 aids with CAD repair and simplification. (video: 3:07 min.)

  • Controlled valve gate opening

    Achieve higher-quality surface finishes by combining controlled and sequential valve gating. (video: 1:22 min.)

  • Shrinkage and warpage

    Generate accurately compensated models for tooling or further geometry modification. 

  • Part and process optimization

    Use automated design of experiments, including model geometry parameter, to determine the best process and design. (video: 1:38)

  • Shared views

    Collaborate easily using cloud-connect devices to easily review results, comment, and provide design recommendations. (video: 2:12 min.)

  • Thermoplastics injection molding

    Simulate your design and molding processes, including reactive molding, microchip encapsulation, and more. 

  • Powder injection molding

    Simulate your metal or ceramic injection molding process.

  • Surface defect traceability

    View polymer pathlines to avoid surface defects.

  • Induction heating

    Simulate electromagnetic induction heating of mold components.

  • Multiple-barrel thermoplastics injection molding

    Analyze and evaluate the use of multiple injection molding barrels to fill injection molded parts. 

  • Fiber orientation

    Assess the fiber orientation, shape, and structural properties of parts. 

  • Mold cooling

    Capture advanced cooling techniques and layouts, such as conformal cooling and transient heat calculations. 

  • Reduce molding defects

    Address molding defects early, and reduce potential defects such as air traps, short shots, core shifts, and more. 

  • Defect visualization

    Visualize defects such as weld lines and sink marks, and optimize the position of injection points and more.

  • Two-shot sequential overmolding

    Simulate the process of 2 sequential injections or materials, and analyze the overmolding process.

  • Birefringence

    Help predict and reduce optical performance issues, such as blurring or double images. 

  • One-directional core shifts

    Simulate one-directional core deflection on parts with inserts. 

  • Export results to structural package

    Transfer Moldflow data to Helius PFA projects to verify the structural performance of your part.

  • Design of experiments (DOE)

    Use DOE analysis to determine which input variables, such as mold temperature and injection time, influence quality.

  • Parametric study

    Optimize molding parameters to meet quality goals. Change molding parameters, then visualize the effects on the part.

  • Chemical blowing agents

    Simulate chemical blowing agents to create plastic parts with an internal foam structure. 

  • MuCell core back injection molding

    Get stronger, lighter parts by combining microcellular foam injection molding with core back technology from Trexel.  

  • Microcellular injection molding

    Analyze microcellular injection molding with 3D meshes. Includes constant density and fitted classical nucleation models.

  • Gas-assisted injection molding

    Optimize gas channel shape and penetration. Improve the location of injection positions, delay time, and more.

  • Lightweight manufacturing validation

    Check lightweight component processes, and ensure that parts meet dimensional and functional specifications.

  • Compression and injection compression molding

    Mold and create parts for specific applications that conventional injection molding can't address. 

  • Orthotropic part inserts

    Simulate continuous fiber inserts made from composite materials or wood, and analyze any overmolded part defects. 

  • Bi-injection molding simulation

    Inject 2 materials into one cavity, and determine the relative distribution and location of materials.

  • Microchip encapsulation

    Predict wire sweep and paddle shift with tools for designing the encapsulation package, the tool, lead frame, and wires.

  • Flexible cloud solving options

    Run multiple simulations in the cloud simultaneously, while you continue to work on other tasks on your computer.

    Cloud service

  • Analysis reports

    Easily share your Moldflow analysis results with template reports in HTML, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint. 

  • Usability improvements

    Improvements include customizable ribbons, synchronization of clipping panes in locked windows, and more.

  • Improved results interpretation

    New plots provide more insight into simulation results, including cavity weight, initial bending moment, and others. 

  • Meshing productivity

    Create, repair, and refine meshes with tools for mesh selection and node previews during remeshing. 

  • Material databases

    Databases include 9,500+ plastics for injection molding and parameters such as coolants and injection molding machines.

  • Application Programming Interface (API)

    API automation tools let you create custom scripts with no programming experience. 

  • Cooling for overmolding

    Cooling analysis has been extended to gas-assisted injection molding and two-shot overmolding.

  • 3D resin transfer molding (RTM)

    Designate parts of the mold that have fiber mats, and define the properties of resin permeability.

Moldflow Adviser

Access plastic simulation tools for engineers and analysts. Optimize part and mold designs to ensure molded part quality and manufacturability.

  • Runner balancing

    Runner balancing ensures that all the cavities of a mold fill at the same time and with evenly distributed pressure. (video: 2:30 min.)

  • Part tolerance, shrinkage, and warpage

    Analyze part warpage, and evaluate potential design issues for optimal part quality. (video: 2:14 min.)

  • Effective mold modeling and cooling

    Automatically generate cooling channels, add multiple cooling planes, or manually model the cooling circuits. (video: 2:09 min.)

  • Adviser for the designer

    Analyze and evaluate concepts to see the impact of design choices early in the development process. (video: 3:09 min.)