Key features of Maya Creative

Maya Creative software includes powerful modeling, animation, and rendering tools to push your creative limits on film, TV, or game production.

Shark with big eyes swimming above a small fish

3D animation tools

Animate and rig characters and objects with artist-friendly animation tools.

3D modeling tools

Create complex characters, props, and worlds with sophisticated 3D modeling tools.

Integrated rendering

Maximize performance on your most complex projects with the integrated Arnold renderer.

Fast playback

Review animations faster with fewer playblasts using cached playback.

Character setup

Create realistic character movement with complex skeletons, IK handles, and deformers.

Time Editor

Navigate between clip-level views and key-level details with an intuitive, clip-based, non-linear editor.

More features of Maya Creative

3D animation and rigging

Cached playback

Cached Playback stores your animations in memory so you can quickly see change without needing to playblast.

Time Editor

Easily navigate between clip-level views and key-level details with an intuitive, clip-based, non-linear editor. The Time Editor defines the timing operations of animation, allowing you to experiment with combinations and variations of elements in your scene.


Graph Editor

Create, view, and edit animation curves with a graphical representation of scene animation.

Ghosting Editor

Visualize movement and position of animated objects over time with images that echo your animations.

Character setup

Create believable character performances with complex skeletons, IK handles, and deformers.


Blue pencil toolset

Create 2D drawings and annotations in the viewport with Blue Pencil drawing tools.



Bind modeled surfaces to a skeleton in just a few clicks.


Seamlessly transfer animation between skeletons with the same or different skeletal structures.

3D modeling

UV editor

Quickly create and edit UV topology with intuitive tools and functionality.

Sculpting tools

Make high-level edits to your models with artist-friendly tools.

NURBS modeling

Use geometric primitives and drawn curves to create detailed 3D models.

Polygon modeling

Build unique 3D models using geometry based on vertices, edges, and faces.

OpenSubdiv support

Work with accuracy and speed with a high-fidelity representation of your model.

Rendering and shading

Integrated Arnold renderer

See changes to your lighting, materials, and cameras in real time with the Arnold Render View.


Standard Surface Shader

Model materials like frosted glass, plastic, or car paint with an easy-to-use surface shader.

Look development with Hypershade

Deliver beautiful renders by creating, editing, and connecting rendering nodes, such as textures, materials, lights, rendering utilities, and special effects.

USD workflows

Seamless import and export

Import USD data as native Maya data and export native Maya data as USD data.

Lightweight previews

See quick previews of USD scene structure using the Hierarchy View window.

Native USD support

Work directly with USD data in common editors, such as the Outliner, Attribute Editor, and Channel Box.

USD in the viewport

See USD natively alongside data in the viewport.

Motion graphics

MASH procedural effects

Create beautiful motion graphics with MASH’s procedural node network.

3D type

Design eye-catching branding, logos, title sequences, and more with polygon text.