InfraWorks for context modeling

Aggregate volumes of data to generate a real-world context model of your project

Features of InfraWorks for context modeling


Reality capture

Generate more accurate context models. Create clean terrain surfaces, capture existing conditions like roads and bridges, and extract linear features from point clouds. (video: 29 sec.)

GIS integration

Streamline design and GIS data exchange with Esri ArcGIS. Establish a rich context model and ensure teams maintain access to up-to-date project information. (video: 23 sec.)

3D objects

Establish more realistic base models by importing 3D models from 3ds Max, Revit, or Civil 3D. Stylize other objects in the model by bringing the 3D models into your style catalogs.

Revit model integration

Generate a view of a Revit model that is geolocated in InfraWorks. Analyze and present Revit models within the broader context of the project’s existing conditions.

Design corridor

Configure InfraWorks road models to use calculated corridor geometry and alignments from Civil 3D, then map InfraWorks materials to Civil 3D corridor shapes and linkages. (video: 8 sec.)

“We’re starting to come up with a more secure, federated location for our project data.”

—Chuck Pietra, Senior Technical Operations Manager, OBG